Arkansas Anti-Microchipping Bill Author Asks “Do we wait until after the snake bites”?


by Daniel Taylor, Old Thinker News:

Rep. Stephen Meeks of Arkansas introduced a bill last month that would prevent employers from forcibly microchipping employees.

Meeks introduced House Bill 1177 in January. He stated regarding the bill “Do we wait until after the snake bites and then try to come up with solutions for it?… I believe there’s great wisdom in doing it beforehand.”

The bill would allow employers to use chips, but prevent a chip implant as a condition of employment.

There is no current law in the United States regarding forcible microchipping.

World wide trends are pointing to a future in which widespread use of implanted chips becomes commonplace.

Social credit scores already regulate the lives of millions of Chinese citizens.  A de-facto social score has already been implemented in the United States by big tech.

Facebook recently asked U.S. banks to share user financial data including transactions and account balances in an effort to boost user engagement with the app.

Matt Stoller, a fellow at the Open Markets Institute, stated after Facebook’s announcement that it is a sign that big tech is moving toward a social credit system in the United States. Stoller said, “concentrated tech power is moving us towards a dystopian social credit scoring system.”

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