50 MILLION Unskilled Invaders ARE COMING NOW


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The “spending” bill, which Trump is going to sign at 1000 ET today and announce his “emergency” guarantees a flood of 50 million new invaders — and permanently protects all 20+ million here now.


Any “asylum seeker” or other person “desiring entry” who names as a potential or actual sponsor someone here, and unlike for existing other legal immigration said person does NOT have to be a citizenresults in said “named” sponsor or prospective sponsor being permanently barred from detainment or deportation.

The only exceptions are if the named “sponsor” has been convicted of or is under indictment for a short list of felonies (which do include murder, thankfully) or a handful of child labor and exploitation violations.

Every single illegal invader currently here in the United States will, upon signing this bill, instantly get in touch with all of their relatives who are not in the United States and urge them to come here immediately.  Not only will those people get in the named illegal already here will be permanently protected from being detained or deported by that act.

This is not only amnesty it’s worse — it will flood this nation with 50 million unskilled additional invaders who will all, along with those already here, be deemed legal with exactly zero protection against all of them becoming immediate and permanent public charges.

That’s what’s in there folks — and that’s just the first screwing.  Another is a permanent bar on any border structure in any of the land designated by Obama on the border as a “national park.”

Another 1,000+ page bill that wasn’t read before being voted on, passed and signed by the President.

President Trump just sold out the entire United States to the illegals and he’s doing it on purpose.

All the strum and furor over his “emergency” declaration and “avoiding” a shutdown is a diversion from what’s actually in the law he is signing.

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