Venezuelan opposition seeks to depose Maduro in US-backed ‘democratic’ coup


from RT:

The leader of Venezuela’s opposition says he is ready to seize power and is seeking army support to stage a coup against President Nicolas Maduro, after the US refused to recognize the legitimacy of his just-started six-year term.

“The United States does not recognize Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s illegitimate claim to power. His ‘election’ in May 2018 was viewed internationally as not free, fair or credible,” US National Security Advisor John Bolton reiterated Friday, in a statement.

Furthermore, the US welcomed the “courageous decision” of the country’s National Assembly President Juan Guaidó, who, on Friday, stated he was ready to take over the president’s office. Addressing the public the day after Maduro was sworn into office for a second term, Guaidó asked for an “international mandate” and for the army to help him assume the office of the president.

“It should be the people of Venezuela, the armed forces, and the international community that give us a clear mandate to assume” the presidency, Guaidó said in Caracas on Friday.

Following the opposition leader’s plea, Bolton made it clear that the US will use the “full weight” of its diplomatic and economic power to promote the “restoration” of Venezuelan democracy and to reverse what Washington believes to be a “constitutional crisis” in the country.

Bolton was not the only senior US official who publicly supported Guaidó. On Thursday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the opposition leader to reaffirm US support for the Venezuelan National Assembly as the “only legitimate institution” that can “re-establish” democracy in the country.

With the voiced support of the US, the National Assembly plans to mobilize the resistance on January 23 for a massive anti-governmental rally. At the same time, the opposition-led congress is considering bribing military officers to denounce Maduro, Reuters has learned. Defectors are reportedly being offered clemency for breaking their allegiance should the coup-installed government assume power.

“Do not obey the orders of the man who has usurped the Presidency of the Republic … and collaborate with the tradition and re-establishment of constitutional order,” a 17-page draft document entitled ‘Law Governing the Transition to Democracy’ states, Reuters said. The draft, however, does not specify the incentives turncoats will be offered for their treachery.

Maduro immediately hit back at his challenger, dismissing Guaido’s calls as childish dreams and assuring the public that he will continue to exercise his functions as the head of state. The Venezuelan leader called the opposition’s resolve to capture power just a “show” aimed at destabilizing the country even further.

“It seems a group of little boys has taken control of the opposition and now they want to play destabilization again,” the 56-year-old said, calling on the people to “mobilize” and show support for his leadership.

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