Professor Who Published Fake Gender Studies Papers To Prove Point Now Targeted By His Own University


by Ashe Schow, Daily Wire:

A Portland State University (PSU) professor who took part in an academic hoax to prove that academia turns a blind eye to reason when gender issues are involved is now facing disciplinary actions.

“Portland State University has determined that @peterboghossian committed a “human subjects” ethics violation for his involvement in the Grievance Studies probe. Further charges of falsifying data are currently under review,” Nayna wrote.

The video began with Boghossian saying he was called to meet with PSU’s Institutional Review Board chair, Jack Barbera, to discuss if protocols were followed prior to the professor’s publishing of the fake articles. This occurred on October 18, 2018.

“I think that they will do everything and anything in their power to get me out of there,” Boghossian said in the video. “I think that this is the first shot at that.”

“You don’t pull somebody in front of the IRB to slap their wrists,” Boghossian added. He also said one has to go through the IRB if they want to get a study published.

Boghossian, along with researcher Helen Pluckrose and author James Lindsay, submitted 20 papers to journals over the course of the year. The subjects were designed to be absurd, yet seven were accepted (four of which were published online prior to the trio announcing the hoax), seven more were under review, and just six were rejected.

The most famous hoax paper the trio published was one claiming dog parks promote “rape culture” in Portland, Oregon. Campus Reform reporter Toni Airaksinen noted the absurdity of the paper and discovered the “author” lied about their credentials. This caused the trio of authors “to conclude the project early.”

Boghossian, Pluckrose, and Lindsay agreed to wait to see what happened at PSU before going to the media, according to the video. Boghossian was not allowed to film the meeting with Barbera. Title cards on the YouTube video then say, “The IRB has since determined the Grievance Studies probe meets the federal definition of ‘research.’”

“Additionally, the IRB determined the project met the federal definition of ‘human subject’ as it involved collecting data by interacting with living individuals,” the video added. “The matter has been escalated to PSU’s President & Provost for disciplinary action.”

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