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Is this sudden market chaos really ‘because of Apple’, or has the collective market psyche abruptly realized this absolute political stunner?

Stocks are plunging.

Apple is down nearly 8%:

apple aapl

Apple alone is dragging the “passive” ETFs lower.

Such as the “Q’s”

Of which holdings of Apple stock are a major component.

Investors seem to be making the “flight to safety” into US bonds:

Which is why bond yields are plummeting.

Everybody’s favorite carry-trade (USD/JPY) plummeted:

A drop in USD/JPY means the Japanese yen is strengthening against the US dollar.

In other words, the dollar just weakened against a major world currency.

Gold was rising into the close this afternoon, and when the markets re-opened at 6:00 p.m. EST, gold breached $1290 again:

Whole number resistance at $1300 is going to be ugly unless we punch through it with authority.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, yeah, yeah, we get it – the market is flashing “red alert”, but what is the catalyst?”.

Good question.

The mainstream financial press will say it is because of Apple:

Seems reasonable.

Even makes a person “read between the lines”, quite literally, and say, “aha, the trade wars are taking their toll on American companies”.

But I think there is something much worse going on in the markets and in the economy. You see, I don’t think we are at some simple “market correction” or some “techno-robo flash crash”.

I think we are at the point where anything, and I do mean anything, could set off the crash.

As in the economic collapse/monetary reset/Global Financial Crisis 2.0, or however else you want to call it.

Think about this for a second.

We are long in the tooth on this “recovery”.

The government, the central banks, both’s apologists, and the complicit MSM propagandists are all trying to juggle flaming swords dipped in napalm, all the while blind-folded while trying to ride a bucking bull.

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