Hybrid False Flag: US Border “Crisis” A Globalist/Deep State Event To Kill The Economy?


from Silver Doctors:

SD Friday Wrap: It sure looks like the Southern border “national security crisis” will be used to kill-off the economy (but it’s likely already dead anyway)…

The evil globalists and the treasonous anti-America American Deep State are in a pickle.

You see, thanks to critical thinkers and to the internet, any false flag of sufficient scale that is carried-out by these sickos is picked-apart within 48 hours.

And I’m being conservative with my estimate.

But to effect big change on the masses, change which is always for the worse, there must be some sort of trigger – hence the change is usually triggered by a false flag or false flag hoax of some sort, such as a mass shooting.

That’s right.

For example:

I’m sorry to say this, because the truth hurts, but if you actually think that police-state enabling crisis actor is some unfortunate American tourist who literally was just shot in the leg, then there is absolutely zero hope for you.

So what are the globalists and the Deep State to do when they now see that any false flag, either real or hoaxed, will be picked-apart and shown for what it is within hours?

Ahh, that is the pickle.

Now I’ll tell you what they will do: They will create a crisis, and the crisis will be the false flag, but it will play-out over time.

Call it a “hybrid” false flag, which is similar to but separate from regular false flags, which are similar to but separate from false flag hoaxes.

It’s a seldom-used type of false flag, because it takes the longest for the event to unfold, and, well, you know, these bastards do like their lightning fast shock-n-awe events, and those events do cause the most trauma and leave the most scars, but in my opinion, the hybrid false flag is what the globalists and the Deep State are going with this time around with the whole Southern border security crisis/border wall thing.

Said differently, the hybrid false flag is not one single event from one single point in time, such as a mass shooting, but rather, it is a rolled-out, climaxing type of event.

Since the hybrid false flag plays out over time, it is less of an “event” and more of a “crisis”, and unfortunately, most people can’t see it for what it is.

Why is that?


I don’t know.

For I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure that this whole Southern border crisis evokes strong emotions in most people, and when people act based on their emotions rather than on objectivity or even common sense, then reality becomes warped.

So I’ll rephrase my point as a question: Do we have a “crisis” going on right now?

Yes we do.

According to many people in government, the MSM, and unfortunately a large number of those in the “alternative” media, we sure do have a crisis going on right now.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, see for yourself:

In fact, if you look at the President’s Twitter feed and what he’s been saying all week long, the border wall is the absolute only thing that even matters right now.

Please understand when I say this, and I speak from experience as, among many things, I lived on the border (El Paso, Texas) for many, many years, I lived in Mexico for two years, I have gone to school in Mexico, and I have driven across the Southern border many times, and I’m here to tell you – the “Humanitarian and National Security crisis” is not what we’re being led to believe.

The globalists and the Deep State are creating this crisis, and since it gets the blood boiling and the emotions flaring on all sides, this crisis is the ultimate bait-n-switch.

Furthermore, check this out: Here’s Lindsey Graham urging the wall just yesterday:

People who think Lindsey Graham somehow had a “come to Jesus” moment and is no longer a treasonous warmongering Deep State swamp creature need to pull their heads out of their you-know-whats.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of the obvious, but the corrupt, career Deep State Washington DC Traitor otherwise known as Lindsey Graham did not turn into a good guy all of the sudden all because of his five minutes of WWE theatrics during the Kavanaugh confirmation.


So I’ll say it one last time because it really is that important: The wall will be turned against Americans and used for evil.

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