Good Luck Gillette (P&G)


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

The best a soy-boy can get....

Days after the American Psychological Association (APA) announced that “traditional masculinity” is “harmful” to society and can lead to homophobia and sexual harassment, razor brand Gillette released a new ad campaign touching on the same topic.

“Traditional masculinity” is harmful to society?

This is the same group (the APA) that says that one’s sex isn’t immutable and determined by genetics at conception.

And, I remind you, this is the same APA that appears to say that pedophilia is a “disorder” — unless, of course, you do not feel shame or guilt about that desire, then it becomes a mere “orientation.”

Traditional masculinity gave us men on the moon, flush toilets, tampons (believe it or not), mass-produced automobiles, electric lights, sewage treatment plants (which essentially stopped all manner of formerly-widespread disease and death), mechanical refrigeration (refrigerators and air conditioners for those of you who failed English comprehension) and countless additional innovations — including P&G as a corporation.

It also gave us stable, heterosexual, two-parent families with one (usually the man) getting up every morning to work his nuts off so as to provide for his wife and children at home.  This drive and desire, centered around men, fulfilled P&G’s so-called “toxic” masculinity.  While that social arrangement certainly had trade-offs and some of them might have been bad ones, including a few occasions of serious abuse of the women (and occasionally children) involved the fact remains that one person out of a family being able to provide for three or more others, including a roof over all four’s head, food on the table, flushing toilets, children playing in the yard without being molested or shot and functioning electrical service — all without bone-crushing debt and everyone over the age of 15 asking would you like fries with that? does seem to have been a rather decent way of life most of the time, all things considered.  Oh, and those toxic men also went out and got their asses shot at and often shot off when the occasion required in defense of their nation along with defending the women and children they loved.

Today’s soyboy mentality, along with the APA’s bend-it-all-and-call-it-ok nonsense has, in large part, been responsible for the complete destruction of that way of life.  I’m sure all the altar boys that came to discover that the candlestick wasn’t used to provide a beacon of light for mass but rather was stuffed up their ass would take rather serious umbrage at the idea that said priest’s desire to do so was a mere “disorder” — or an “orientation.”

I remind you again that Gillette is not a singular company; they are owned by Proctor and Gamble, one of the largest consumer-goods manufacturers in the world.

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