You Dislike White Patriarchy? Good.


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Let’s talk objectively here.

Racism is bad. Sexism is bad.


Now what do you when the objective results don’t match the “all are equal” mantra? What if some organizations of society produce superior results, objectively, over a period of time. A long period of time?

Do you deny it? You can’t; results are results.

Do you punish it? Well, you can do that, but is it wise?

Only if you want to live in Hell in the future.  Hell, in this case, being defined as much less than you could otherwise achieve.

If you decry “white patriarchy” then you are compelled to eschew all of these things, since you also decry their inventors.

  • Flush toilets.  Invented and patented by one Alexander Cumming (White, English male.)
  • Wide-area distributable electricity, which before modern semiconductors meant alternator current as it was easily regenerated using transformers, dropping the current-carrying requirement of long distance transport lines (Nikola Tesla; Serbian-American – White male.)  Licensed to Westinghouse, setup by — you guessed it — another white male (George Westinghouse)
  • Mechanical refrigeration — the foundation of your refrigerator and of course air conditioning.  Oliver Evans described the process first, in 1805.  He never built it, however.  John Gorrie built a working, similar unit in 1844.  The first viable refrigerator (electric powered) was invented in 1913.  Frigidaire started making commercial refrigerators in 1918 in Detroit.  Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner in 1902. The common thread? All of these inventors were white males, despite America hardly being the hottest part of the planet.

  • Electric light bulbs.  Edison, of course.  Oh, and the phonograph (record player and recorder), stock ticker, alkaline storage batteries and motion picture cameras.  White male.

  • Trains.  Made possibly by the airbrake, which was invented by — again — that same George Westinghouse.  He was granted his first (of many) patents at 19.  Oh, and he was both white and male.
  • The telegraph.  Samuel Morse, of course, for which “Morse code” is named.  White male.  1844, following an 1837 patent (also his) on the same subject.  Sounds quaint, except that it, and the next one, formed the basis for the Internet, which you are reading this on.
  • The telephone, an ingenious combination of the previous powered line (telegraph) in combination with a carbon microphone and voice-coil.  Alexander Graham Bell and Edison (for the microphone) — white males.  1876.
  • Mass-produced automobiles.  Henry Ford, White male.  While there were many car companies before Ford he figured out the assembly-line means of production which made them affordable for everyday people.  Prior to that only the very wealthy could afford a car.  You wouldn’t have a car, in short, unless you were a millionaire save white patriarchy.
  • Steam power.  Without it there would have been no industrial revolution.  Thomas Savery invented the first, used to dewater a mine.  But it was Thomas Newcomen and, then, James Watt who turned it into something practical for industrial use.  Oh by the way, that made train transportation possible too.  All were white men.

  • The jet engine; without it there are no modern airplanes.  Jeff Whittle and Hans von Ohain; both — you guessed it — white men.

  • The transistor.  Without it there is nothing electronic in modern life.  No computers, no microwave ovens, no garage door opener, no computers, no cellphones, no transistor radio, no CD player, nothing we currently enjoy.  Invented by John BardeenWalter Brattain, and William Shockley — and guess what — they’re all white males.

  • The Internet.  This one’s arguable; credit is usually given to Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn, not without cause.  They designed the TCP/IP protocol.  Guess what they both are…. uh huh — white males.

  • The tampon.  Now if there’s a product you’d think a woman would have invented and patented, that would be it.  Nope.  Earl Haas, Colorado doctor, 1931 — and white male, despite the fact that he had no use for them himself!

Then there’s the much-ballyhooed birth control pill discovery.  Sanger (a woman) is often credited but she didn’t discover anything. She even found another woman with a lot of money for funding, yet it was George Pincus, a white man, who actually figured it out in combination with a couple of other…. white men.  What — you can’t run a lab full of rats to test chemical compounds on if you’re female?  Give me a break.  Never mind that Sanger was a raging advocate of eugenics and, arguably, her “influence” (along with her money lady, Katherine McCormick) led to the development and approval of a pill that had ten times the dose required to actually be effective along with a horrific list of side effects that hit 20% of the women using it.  The “testing” included outright fraud committed upon women in Puerto Rico resulting in a crazy amount of suffering and several deaths; for that alone Sanger should have been hung.  The outright fraud upon the public rammed through the FDA and how it was done marks exactly what happens when you let political screaming hyenas drive alleged science.  It would be decades before most of those problems were fixed with safer formulations.  Incidentally the diaphragm was invented by Dr. C. Hasse in 1882…. a white man as well (despite, obviously, his inability to use it for its intended purpose.)

I can keep going of course, but this gets old.  Point at something in your daily life and I can probably trace it to white male patriarchy.  It’s important to note that despite having all the natural resources to do most of these things the so-called all-are-equal crowd cannot answer why none of the other people on this planet at the time did.  I don’t know the answer to that question either but it doesn’t matter why, when you get down to it.  All that matters is that it did, or in this case, didn’t happen.

Unique to America?  Nope.  Most of Europe, same deal.  Oh, and Russia, who I remind you we had a little technological race with after WWII, and they were very much our equals.  Indeed after WWII we basically exported German patriarchy to America to found our rocket program and put men in space!  Wernher von Braun anyone?

Again, white patriarchy.

Exceptions?  Few.  Some Asian cultures — Japan, for one.  But what’s the common thread there?  If you think patriarchy is a “thing” here, well, look at traditional Japanese culture!

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