Why A Referendum Initiated By The Citizens Will End Our Enslavement


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:As difficult as it sometimes is to admit, no country on this planet exists in a true democracy. People have the illusion of choice and they are being governed, not represented. Citizens forego their power to rulers.
  • Reflect On:There are solutions, is it time we begin considering them? We hold these systems in place as people, it’s up to us to opt out of them. The government can’t do anything without us.

“We live in a democracy, we are so lucky!” The cries from the minds of those who bought the illusion hook, line, and sinker. Allow me to propose a scenario.

People choose an ideology they believe represents them. A few people strongly identify with that ideology and stand up to say “I will represent anyone with my ideology that supports me.” An election cycle begins and by the end, there are 2 candidates to choose from. Promises of jobs, good environmental treatment, healthcare and so forth are all made to the people in order to get the vote. People go to the voting booths, put an X next to the name they like, and the majority gets their person as the leader of government.

From there, decisions are made by those people. If the people aren’t happy with a decision, too bad, they don’t have a say. If the people witness corporations bribing politicians to make certain decisions, too bad, the people can’t vote on an issue being pushed by a corporation. Year after year, as the same poor decisions are made and the people are always dissatisfied and unrepresented, they continue to vote for a single person and their small administration to do their bidding. The people are told they have a choice, they have a voice, they have an impact, but do they? Do they honestly have that impact? What issues did they get to directly vote on? How did they keep politicians accountable? Who tries the politicians who do illegal things and are corrupt? No one, but the people simply don’t have power when they give it away in this scenario.

This is the system we live in today, and we sadly and mistakenly call it democracy.

The Solution To A Broken System

I haven’t voted since I was 18, I’m 31 now. I do believe that in small ways, municipal or local elections have a greater impact on people directly, but state level, provincial, or federal elections are an illusion of choice. I have come to posit that a single person cannot represent or guide more than 100 people without things becoming impossible to manage in our current system. There are many reasons for this, but to broadly touch on this, the challenge isn’t trying to fix one aspect of our system, it’s all intertwined so that is impossible. The reality is we live in a FULL system of enslavement, and thus to truly fix what we’re in we must abolish it from top to bottom through transitional steps. In order to do that though, we have to wake up to what it is, and who we are.

Before we get into that the RIC is, I want to say that there are two forms of enslavement that I observe in many today. One is that in which the system imposes, the other is much deeper, it’s of the mind, the ego and our state of consciousness. We are often enslaved by our emotions, thoughts, states of being and more. This is a result of not cultivating a deep relationship with self and emotional intelligence. We can go on about this subject for days, but today I simply want to focus on a physical solution but without forgetting that a HUGE piece to this puzzle is the consciousness piece.

When I first came across the idea of referendums initiated by citizens through the Yellow Vest movement, I was inspired. To me, this was a tool for people to truly take power back in an effective form that does away will our illusion of democracy and instead actually gives us a voice.

My mind envisioned a world where no longer were government officials making decisions on behalf of the people, and instead, the people had power -as it should be. The relationship between parent and child (government and people) was abolished and people were now taking responsibility for their lives and choices. Most importantly, we were no longer voting, better said as consenting, to our own enslavement. We instead opted out of that entire outdated game,

This, of course, is a physical systematic solution that can only truly be realized with a shift in consciousness as we will first need to let go of the old ways we view our everyday ways of governance. Further to that, over time as we gain a stronger connection to self and deprogram the old, what we will choose to vote on and how will shift from what you might imagine today to something a lot more authentic as we won’t be operating from all the old modalities of survival, competition, fear and divide as we do today. This might sound like a stretch to many of us but I feel this is the case because we are so disenfranchised by our current system and have come to think very little of humanity as a whole. The ‘negative’ traits we often place on humanity are not aspects of human nature, they are programmed into us by our environment.

So how does the RIC work? How could this end the need for government? How does this truly give us power back?

I decided to make a video explaining how this work and how the process would unfold. Further, I wanted to express the type of world it would create and how it would end the need for many of the destructive practices we have today that arise from a level of consciousness we are simply outgrowing.

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