Watch: Yellow Vest Protester Slams “Treasonous” French Press


from InfoWars:

A member of the ‘Yellow Vests’ succinctly explained some of the driving forces behind their protests and slammed dishonest media in a powerful interview in Paris.

The man painted a clearer picture of why frustrations for many French citizens have finally boiled over, saying “a lot of things have been piling up for years,” including reckless immigration policies, a decreasing standard of living, and crippling taxation in his interview with Jack Buckby of Rebel Media.

“It started off as a movement against taxation in France because our standard of living is dropping every year,” he said. “Everything is more expensive and the government is taxing us more and more to finance legal and illegal immigration to France.”

While mainstream media still uniformly reports the French are merely protesting a “fuel tax” — while rarely mentioning its direct connection to the radical ‘climate change’ agenda championed by President Emmanuel Macron and the EU — the man clarified the fuel tax hike was merely the “last drop onto the big pile of sh*t France has become.”

He also explained that a broad range of political ideologies are represented in the Yellow Vest movement, and that Macron’s failures will push centrist voters further to the left and right.

“I am part of a nationalist movement, but overall we’re not the majority here by any means,” he said. “There are a lot of people from every side of the political spectrum here — from the left side, the anarchists fighting the police, to the random people who are not really politicized but have just had enough of Macron’s policies.”

When asked to assess the media’s overall coverage of the Yellow Vest protests, the man expressed bitter disgust.

“The level of treason from the press in France is astounding,” he said. “I think it’s at least on the same level as the USA — constant lies, constant pointing fingers at this movement as some kind of a ‘neo-Nazi’ movement.”

The Yellow Vest movement is rapidly spreading across Europe, as related campaigns are gaining momentum in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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