Vox Media Pushes For YouTube to Ban PewDiePie


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Hey kids, the fake news media wants to destroy everything you know and love.

Case in point: the failing Vox Media is pushing for PewDiePie to be banned from YouTube:

The article is written by Aja Romano, who looks exactly like you’d expect:

She’s very angry he recommended a video from a “far-right” YouTuber named “E;R” who apparently makes jokes she finds offensive.

She makes clear in her article that she’s going after Mr. PewDiePie for “dropping redpills” and making jokes she finds offensive:

Additionally, in response to PewDiePie’s rec of the E;R channel, its owner described PewDiePie as producing “redpilled content.” And it’s easy to see why. Before declaring in 2017 that he would stop making Nazi jokes, PewDiePie made a whole lot of Nazi jokes. Even since then, he’s produced a long line of “satirical” videos and commentary that his alt-right followers have praised as examples of his “dropping redpills” on the rest of his fans.

And while PewDiePie only follows a few hundred people on Twitter, many of them are alt-right-identified figures — including Peterson, the prominent Gamergate writer Ian Miles Cheong, Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson, the alt-right YouTube philosopher Stefan Molyneux, the alt-right Canadian blogger Lauren Southern, the recently “redpilled” YouTube personality Laci Green, and leading figures of YouTube’s reactionary right-wing community, like Dave Rubin and Ben Shapiro. PewDiePie also followed notorious alt-right YouTuber Sargon of Akkad until the latter’s suspension from Twitter last year. (Kjellberg has not responded to a request from Vox for comment.)

Her latest article is raging over the fact no one liked YouTube’s cringeworthy “Rewind” video:

She’s clearly furious that the most popular person on YouTube is not an obese communist but instead a bad ass right-wing Swede who eschews political correctness and everything she considers holy.

It’s not enough that SJWs have ruined Battlefield, Star Wars, Judge Dredd and so on (pretty much the entire gaming, entertainment and music industry) they have to take away the only outlets where you can get real news and entertainment which isn’t pushing their whiny social justice agenda.

Judging by the uniformly negative responses she got on Twitter, the propaganda is still not working:

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