Vape Shop Soy-Boy Shows the World The True Meaning of Liberal Lunatic


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

I was recently in Mississippi and if you are familiar with their state flag then you know the liberal history revisionist demanded the Confederate flag be removed from one section of the Mississippi state flag. I bring this up for two reasons, first, if I were to place a Mississippi state flag in my front yard, there is a strong possibility our house would be burn to the ground or someone conducting a drive-by shooting.

Second, liberal lunatics are completely over the edge about anything they disagree with. Never mind they have no real talking points, no knowledge or basis for their anger and certainly no real debating skills. Below is the latest example of what I’m talking about.

Back on December 4th I wrote about the “Worlds Most Dangerous Hat” and now, apparently, liberal lunatics are beginning to exercise the nuclear option against anything, everything Trump related.

If you’ve not seen this, be forewarned – this lunatic has no respect for you, the English language or anything or anyone around him. He will spew profanity in a way that allows the depths of his ignorance, and arrogance, to be fully revealed. I pray that he seeks professional help and doesn’t hurt someone or himself before he gets the help he so desperately needs. There is something inherently wrong with this young man and it seems a few good professional counseling sessions would help him in a great many ways.

Vape shop clerk in Atlanta has epic meltdown and assaults based Chad Trump supporter who trolls him mercilessly – calls him the “N word” in front of a Black American

WOW!! Is that epic or what!? This guy is completely unhinged from reality. It’s a shirt!

Once again, the liberal lunatic reveals the fact that 95% or more of all the negative nonsensical Trump bashing is 100% projection. The lunatics are the ones that are racist, xenophobic, hate-filled and completely intolerant of anything which they disagree.

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