Tucker Carlson Absolutely Destroys the Ridiculous Russiagate Hoax (Video)


by Michael Quinn, Russia Insider:

Tucker is challenging the MSM narrative like none other. He’s been incredibly bold in the last two weeks on everything from foreign policy to immigration reform – his positions practically concur with the Alt-Right at this point – and that is a good!

His commentary on border security was incredible. He directly called out the hypocrisy in Democratic supporters of Israel with double standards on border security last week:

“A politician like Chuck Schumer cites experts and says we can do border security without a wall… Before we accept Schumer’s claim as fact, let’s ask one question: What about Israel?”

These establishment shills are absolutely furious someone would dare to call them out. Angry “progressives” attempted an advertisement boycott of his show, but miserably failed as Washingtontimes reports:

Pacific Life, Indeed.com, IHOP and several other companies did pull their ads from the Fox News Channel show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” but the resisters include such major firms as Farmer’s Insurance, Mitsubishi and John Deere.

A few of his points in this video:

  • Two years. It’s been almost two years since the Trump-Russia investigation started, and what has been revealed?
  • About $5,000 dollars used to purchase some Google ads, and that’s it.
  • Yet fake news media outlets push the incredible fiction that Russia has worked since 2011 to to create a disinformation campaign to brainwash Americans, and they did so successfully on about one third of the US population, resulting in the election of Donald Trump.
  • We can only wish the Russians were as all powerful as American MSM believes, the world would be a much better place free from American imperialism.

Definitely worth watching the whole thing:

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