There Is a Whole Continent to Be Organized Into the New Paradigm


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The central question in history right now is: Can we get the U.S. to join with the efforts underway internationally to organize a New Paradigm to replace the bankrupt British Empire’s system of looting and geopolitics, along the lines specified by Lyndon LaRouche’s call for a New Bretton Woods? That is the big picture that emerges, Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated today, from reviewing the strategic battlefield in the aftermath of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires.

“If one reviews the results of our mobilization to get a Four Power agreement among the U.S., China, Russia and India to launch a New Bretton Woods credit system, which would usher in a New Paradigm of international relations to replace geopolitics,” Zepp-LaRouche said, “one can say that we are still in a completely dual dynamic.”

On the one hand, the old system’s forces are continuously trying to exert maximum pressure and disruption to prevent the new system from emerging. Prior to the G-20 meeting, the British Empire launched the double action of the provocations by Ukraine in the Black Sea, and the escalation of the attack by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on President Donald Trump, with the plea-bargain deal struck with attorney Michael Cohen. “All of this was designed to prevent the summit between Trump and Putin,” Zepp-LaRouche stated, “and one can say that they were partially successful—but only partially.”

They did succeed in sabotaging the planned Trump-Putin meeting—which, given the strategic tensions, is really most unfortunate. But on the other side, there were positive developments which occurred at the G-20 summit which were of strategic significance. The G-20 itself—which should have been the body addressing the issue of the danger of a new financial collapse, and for building a new system—naturally could not be expected to do so, given that there are some countries in it which are dead-set opponents of any new system. But nevertheless on the sidelines of the G-20 there was the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump, which both sides described as very successful.

“Perhaps even more significant,” Zepp-LaRouche continued, “was the fact that, on the request of Putin, a tripartite meeting took place among Xi, Putin and India’s Modi. And they agreed to hold such meetings of the RIC (Russia, India and China) on a regular basis. Now obviously the fourth country that is missing in that is the United States. And that remains up to us to really organize to make sure that happens.”

President Trump clearly has renewed his friendship with Xi, and he also tweeted yesterday about the perspective for a meeting among himself, Putin and Xi to discuss the question of strategic stability. “So that is clearly his intention,” Zepp-LaRouche said. “But that does not necessarily mean that everyone in his administration is of that opinion.” The whole British apparatus remains on a total offensive to prevent such a Four Powers understanding at all costs.

“There is no way that the current system can continue. The danger of a financial crash leading to chaos, leading to war, will absolutely be with us every moment until that system is replaced,” Zepp-LaRouche said. In all of our organizing, leading into the scheduled U.S. Schiller Institute conference in February, we have to intersect the ferment in the population against the dying old system, and organize for LaRouche’s policies for a new global economic system, emphatically including the need for a classical cultural renaissance as part of this. “Such an approach is the only way to move enough people in time,” Zepp-LaRouche stressed.

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