The Sad State Of Stupidity


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Having a child is supposed to be a happy time.

This one won’t be, I predict — today maybe, but not in the future.

At 14 pounds, 13 ounces, the parents of Ali James Medlock were told their son is the heaviest baby ever born at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital near Dallas.

A spokesperson for Texas Health Resources confirmed to USA Today that, to their knowledge, Ali is the largest baby born in the hospital.

That is not normal.  The likely cause of the extraordinarily-large kid is uncontrolled diabetes in the mother.  While this might be gestational diabetes I’ll take the other side of that bet.

Indeed, given the pictures on USA Today’s page, I’ll definitely take the other side of that bet.

Only in America can you eat yourself halfway to death, have it reported that “both Mom and baby are doing well” when you’re the size of a refrigerator, are likely an uncontrolled diabetic despite being quite young, your husband is of equal size and the results of your behavior are now on display with a kid that is likely to have severe health issues as a result of your own voluntarily-contracted and maintained issues.

Indeed this baby may set another record — the youngest Type II diabetic in the history of Texas.

Anyone want to take the over on this kid not making it to 18 before one or both of his parents has a gangrenous foot chopped off — or worse?

But heh, this is America!  We’re not supposed to judge, right?

Even when it screws kids and sends the rest of us the bill.

It’s not like the Federal Government spends $300 billion a year on voluntarily and intentionally contracted metabolic disorders due to overconsumption of carbohydrates celebrated as “healthy at any size” and “choice” instead of telling said people to cut that crap out or get nothing, right?

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