The Riots in France Are NOT Just About Taxes


by Robert Wheeler, The Organic Prepper:

The recent protests in France seem to have caught everyone by surprise, particularly the French government. Macron’s government seems to have underestimated the demonstrations and the determination of the protesters.

The Western media seems confounded in their attempts to understand or explain them and the rest of the world appears surprised that, in a “rich” Western nation, people could be so discontented over something that doesn’t involve race, gender, or whatever other flashpoint of social justice is being fed to them by MSM and academia, that they would take to the streets for weeks on end.

Every indication we have at this point shows that the French people have finally and legitimately had enough of being oppressed by the government. Still, no one fully knows where the protests are going or how the government is going to react. There has been talk of more and bigger demonstrations with concerns over greater violence and the government has hinted at the possibility of imposing martial law.

As of the writing of this article, there has essentially been a war on the streets of Paris all day and it seems that war is going to continue throughout the night.

The Official Story Of The Protests

Initially, we were told that the protests were the result of a single issue – taxes. This is believable enough. People have been protesting taxes for years. But these protests seem different. First, it is not a mere financial issue such as what taxes have long been considered in the US (mainly because taxes have been relatively low compared to socialist countries in Europe . . . for now) but also because the taxes allegedly spawning the protests have come as a result of the imposition of a fuel tax under the guise of environmental concerns.

The Macron government claims that the taxes are being imposed in order to transition France off of fossil fuel and toward alternative energy for the purpose of combatting climate change.

The taxes are, of course, simply more eco-fascism and money grabbing from the French government which is acting the great tradition of Western governments using climate change, as the Club of Rome once devised, as the crisis that would “fit the bill” to force “wealthy” Westerners to accept much less in terms of their living standards and disposable income. The taxes would have raised the price of diesel, the most commonly used fuel in France, by 6.5 cents on January 1. This comes after a previous 7.6 cent hike earlier this year which raised fuel prices by 23%.

While Europeans are generally more accepting of eco-fascist policies (particularly those which do nothing to protect the environment), this rise in fuel prices seems to have been the straw which broke the camel’s back in France. Per the usual, the taxes would have hurt an already seriously overtaxed, overworked, and underpaid populace of middle class, working, and poor people.

And that is precisely who have come out to protest.

The Working Class Is Fed Up.

As a result of Free Trade, European Union Soviet-style “democracy,” socialistic high taxation, and unfettered immigration, the French economy has been going down the tubes. Wages are stagnating and getting lower, unemployment is on the rise, and taxes all around have been going up.

With protest being part of the French culture, thousands of French people took to the streets, donning the yellow vests they are required to keep in their cars by law, as a symbol of “emergency.” Those numbers swelled from thousands to tens of thousands, to a hundred thousand. Now, there really isn’t a way to tell how many protesters are on the streets as Paris itself has become a battleground.

As Diana Johnstone writes,

More and more “governance” is an exercise in social engineering by technocrats who know what is best. This particular exercise goes directly opposite to an earlier government measure of social engineering which used economic incitements to get people to buy cars running on diesel. Now the government has changed its mind. Over half of personal vehicles still run on diesel, although the percentage has been dropping. Now their owners are told to go buy an electric car instead. But people living on the edge simply can’t afford the switch.

Besides, the energy policy is incoherent. In theory, the “green” economy includes shutting down France’s many nuclear power plants. Without them, where would the electricity come from to run the electric cars? And nuclear power is “clean”, no CO2. So what is going on? People wonder.

But In Reality, The Protests Are About More Than Taxes

But, as usual, the official story is not the whole story. It appears the protests are about much more than fuel taxes but that the taxes were the fuel to a fire of greater discontent with the entire system. Fuel taxes were just one more example of how an already overtaxed population are being taxed at higher rates yet again when all they want is to work and survive. But it brought to mind just how phony fuel and carbon taxes are – i.e., they do nothing for the environment but they do lower living standards and make it incredibly hard for working people to survive which, ultimately, is their purpose.

But taxes also reminded the French people of how much they are already overtaxed everywhere else, how the elderly can barely survive on their pensions, and how workers, even middle-class ones, are watching their livelihoods shrink. For the poor, they are sitting idle and helplessly unemployed.

On top of that, they watch Emmanuel Macron tell them there are no problems with the economy. If you’re out of a job, just walk across the street and get one! In fact, Macron actually said this to unemployed workers who questioned him as to what he was going to do to remedy growing unemployment in France, furthering his reputation as a lofty limousine liberal vastly disconnected from the population.

Macron himself is an interesting component of this whole situation, having been chosen by power broker Jacques Attali and given a run at a Rothschild bank before assuming the Presidency to impose austerity measures, continue France’s foreign adventures, and essentially destroy the nation with more immigration.

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