The Establishment’s Worst Fear Is You Reaching Your Potential [VIDEO]


by Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante:

It’s been said that the human body is a temple—an adage which, if true, could have profound implications for how we treat others and especially ourselves.

Putting aside for a moment any personal beliefs about gods, afterlife, or spirituality, we can say with certitude that our bodies are most definitely temples—for our consciousness.

I suppose this isn’t a very controversial statement, since all I’m saying is that your body houses your consciousness and, thus, the quality, cleanliness, and health of your body will likely impact the health of your mind.

I learned this first hand when I decided to fast from food for a few days–not only was most of the fear-mongering attributed to this completely unfounded, I also thrived as a result of the proverbial “temple cleansing.”

My energy skyrocketed a few days into the fast, and I was even able to easily quit smoking cigarettes.

Never has the saying “be the change you want to see in the world” been more relevant, because what could be more intimate or close to home than the state of your body—which by extension changes your mental state—thus affecting how you interact with and impact the world.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Sacks of Lost Arts Radio for episode 445 of Anarchast. We covered the whole spectrum, from the nature of love, habits and addictions, to negative vs positive forces and the causes of disease. As Richard puts it:

“What can we do to take out the cause of the whole [power structure]? … What we’re told about health is not the real story. Doctors in the US and other parts of the world get murdered for exposing even a little bit of it…”

We discussed the evil depths to which the international elite sink to in their worship of power. Our conversation gets a bit dark at times, but there’s a light of truth and hope at the end of the tunnel, and it’s totally worth the journey.

You Can Enjoy The Full Interview Here:

With all the wicked influence of the state conjuring worldwide, we needn’t feel down about the future. In the timeless tale of good vs evil, there’s always light to fend off the darkness.

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