Silver Quietly Climbs Higher As Cries Of ‘Mass Arrests’, ‘Sealed Indictments’ & ‘Military Tribunals’ Go Silent


from Silver Doctors:

SD Friday Wrap: We’re quietly climbing as silver catches a whiff that ‘mass arrests’, ‘military tribunals’, and ‘locking her up’ just aren’t going to happen…

Q-Anon has gone silent since December 22nd:

Those are Q’s last two posts, and the posts are curiously from the same day the very limited federal government shutdown began.

One day of will-still-be-paid-in-arrears work was all Q could take?

Does truth take a day off?

Or does truth just have a fat accumulation of accrued time-off, from the generous federal employee compensation package, to enjoy during the holidays?

People will come back and say, “but Q is getting people to learn the truth. Q is waking people up”.

Well, not really.

Here’s the thing – by now, everybody who wants to be awake is already awake, and anybody who wants to know the truth is already searching for it.

Real Truth Tellers in the alternative media spread the message before Q, and real Truth Tellers in the alternative media will spread the truth after Q.

But unlike Q, the true alternative media will not be spewing official US Government Deep State propaganda (as in getting us to believe what the Deep State wants us to believe).

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what propaganda are you talking about?”.

Good question.

I really don’t spend much time at all on Q, but from what I do know, well, this:

  • Spreading propaganda that our problems come from the “left” (our problems come from our government regardless).
  • Spreading propaganda that we went to the moon (we didn’t).
  • Spreading the US government’s 9/11 propaganda (and right on que, no pun intended).
  • “Trust Sessions” (just one of several inconsistencies).

I’m sure there are many, many more inconsistencies and examples of Q spewing the government propaganda, but here’s a classic example –

One of Q’s last posts, post #4432758, links to a Tweet which ends with the phrase “Build the Wall”.

Here’s a question: Why has Q, so big and bad on researching the truth, not taken the time to perform its own due diligence and research how and why it is that Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and others are saying the wall is meant to keep Americans in and not to keep people out?

Some people (your’s truly included) even realize the border wall will be exploited by our own US government to carry-out all sorts of evil deeds.

But what do we hear from Q about this evil side to the border wall?

Not a peep.

While we’re on the subject of the wall, you can find another in-depth and true alt-media view on the border wall right here.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why are you talking about the wall so much lately? Have you ever heard the phrase ‘no need to beat a dead horse’?”.

Good questions.

To the latter, yes, I have heard of that phrase.

To the former, well, it is kind of hard not to talk about the wall right now.


Well, since December 16th (just an arbitrary date I picked), President Trump has literally Tweeted dozens of times about the wall:

That is pretty telling.

Now I get it – Trump is determined to get the ‘win’ on this, and the president plays 4-D chess not to lose, and all that other jazz, but I just ask that you look a little under the surface and see the wall for what it is.

It is funny too, because the “Build the Wall Zealots” link old videos of prior presidents and politicians, nearly all of whom are corrupt Deep Staters, talking about how we need to “build a wall” and have better “border security” and all that stuff.

Please understand that if words like that are coming from people in the Deep State, the thing being discussed is not in our best interest.

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