Russia: $10/Month for Superfast Broadband, in US $70 for Slower Speeds – Survey of 195 Countries


from Russia Insider:

US broadband is shockingly expensive compared to other countries.

Russia provides some of the cheapest internet access in the modern world according to new research. At less than $10 USD per month internet is significantly cheaper than both internet in China at $41 USD per month, and USA at $67.69 per month.

It’s starting to make sense why the Western governments constantly blame “Russian hackers” for all their problems, with internet access at these prices it’s hard not to feel jealous.

New research by has uncovered the cost of getting online around the world in 2018:

  • Russia came out as the 4th cheapest nation for broadband, costing an average of $9.77 per month and $0.32 per megabit
  • The USA has fallen 3 places in this year’s comparison to 119th. With the average cost of broadband in the USA is $67.69
  • China fell 22 places in this year’s rankings, with the average cost of broadband rising $9.71 per month to $41.27, making it the 63rd cheapest in the world
(Least expensive nations for broadband)

Globally, the cheapest monthly broadband price can be found in Ukraine, where the average broadband package costs just $5 per month, closely followed by Sri Lanka ($5.65), Iran ($8.20), Russia ($9.77) and Belarus ($10.46).

Commenting on the findings of the research internationally, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at, said:

The United States is a point of particular interest in the data. As arguably the world’s most technologically advanced Western nation, its broadband is shockingly expensive compared to much of the world.

In fact, it costs seven times as much to get a broadband deal in the United States as it does to get one in Russia, and over 64% more than it does in China.

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