Revolutionary Europe? Swedish yellow vests unite in protest against UN Migration Pact and political elite


from Voice Of Europe:

The protests in Sweden are quite different from the ones in France and Belgium. The Swedish ones aren’t violent, nothing is burned and there are no clashes with the police.

I am here for the poor elderly who paid tax their whole lives and now are forced to starve

Instead, speakers are cheered on by excited crowds. People are angry of course, but hopeful as well. The atmosphere can be described as a mix between a protest, political event and folk festival.

Around 1000 Swedes gathered outside Parliament in Stockholm to protest against the UN Migration Pact on Saturday.

Plenty of Swedish flags, placards and yellow vests were seen. children participated as well. “We are not extremists. We are ordinary Swedes”, shouted the protesters.

“It’s not about political colours, it’s about the people, one of the speakers”, journalist Katerina Janouch stated.

“I am here for the 9-year-old girl who was raped and beaten in a junk room. I am here for all the women who no longer dare go out.

“I am here for the poor elderly who paid tax their whole lives and now are forced to starve. I am here for the homeless. I am here for those who don’t get what the social contract promises.”

According to Janouch, all Swedes, regardless of political affiliation, should participate in the demonstrations and protest against the politics in Sweden.

“We don’t need more division in this country. It is the ones in power that want us to turn against each other.

“We need to unite. I want the Swedish people to stand together against the abuse of power that’s going on in Parliament.

“We will not give up”, she continued.

“I’m originally from Czechoslovakia and in 1989 the dictatorship fell. It is called social revolution. Do you know how it started?

“The pen, the written word. The first time there were 30 people, they were arrested. Next time 300, and then came 3000. Then the social revolution was a fact. And we can do the same thing”, she told the cheering crowd.

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