Pinterest Bans Greenmedinfo For Posting Peer-Reviewed Research Questioning Vaccine Safety


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:The popular social media platform Pinterest, has deleted another account. This time, they deleted one of the most respected health organizations in existence, Green Med Info.
  • Reflect On:Why does simply questioning Big Pharma of our modern day health practices get banned? Why are powerful entities allowed to silence freedom of speech and completely ridicule a narrative that’s backed by tremendous amounts of research?

Green Med Info is a health and wellness organization that utilizes numerous doctors, scientists, and peer-reviewed publications from all over the world and has been online since 2008. On December 13th, GMI was been banned from Pinterest. The reason? GMI apparently violated their misinformation policy. Pinterest sent a message to GMI explaining the ban stating that the policy includes “things like promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses, and anti-vaccination advice.”

Pinterest goes on to explain, “while we understand that this topic is very personal, our policy doesn’t allow Pinners to save content from websites that promote advice where there may be immediate or detrimental effects on a Pinner’s health or on public safety. We rely on information from nationally and international organizations, including the CDC and WHO, to help us determine if this content violates these guidelines.”

GMI has filed an appeal but “given the recent experience of other natural health and vaccine safety organizations who have been banned by Pinterest, we do not expect that our account will be reinstated. Other platforms who have reported on Pinterest’s censorship include The National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC),,, and Health Impact News. You can learn more by reading, Eroding Freedoms: Pinterest Removes NVIC’s Boards, and Pinterest Censoring Anti-Vaccine Doctors and Pins Related to Vaccine Rights.”

Let’s not forget about all of the holistic doctors that have been murdered.

It’s literally jaw-dropping to witness the amount of censorship that’s taking place in our world right now. It’s coming in all forms, and it seems to be most obvious when we dive into politics. Any credible information and evidence that goes against the establishment narrative is, at least these days, deemed as “fake news.” This is a huge problem, why? Well, may I remind you of George Orwell’s 1984 a classic book depicting a populace ruled by a political regime that persecutes individualism and independent critical thinking as “thought crimes” that must be enforced by the “thought police.” This party seeks power above all and, through the propagandist Ministry of Truth, presents the people with their version of truth. Sound familiar?

Today, that Ministry of Truth is comprised of a small group of powerful people that sit atop the financial pyramid, they own the money supply and completely control the global military industrial complex, and the handful of corporations that control the worlds resources, our food, our medicine, education, etc. This “secret government” has been referenced many times by countless politicians and presidents of the United States and several other countries. It’s also evident simply by the the recent investigation of the trillions of missing dollars from the departments of Housing and Defence. MSU Professor Mark Skidmore, and former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, recently teemed up to expose where the money is going, and found it’s going to Special Access Programs that have no oversight from congress. You can read more about that story here and more specifically about black budget programs here.

Things are getting quite ridiculous as more than 1000 alternative media pages have been completely wiped from social media, today, if you question any part of the establishment, you’re at risk for spreading fake news. Even if you are interviewing a professor, using peer-reviewed research and simply having a debate, your narrative and your opinion can be completely shut down and ridiculed if it’s in opposition to what those in power are disseminating. That’s exactly what’s happening today.

The establishment no longer has information and evidence on its side. Let’s take vaccines for example. Instead of having an open debate for the public to see, with all scientists on both sides involved, we’re left to depend on the medical establishments opinion. That’s because the points on the opposing side are extremely strong, which leaves the establishment no choice but to ridicule the opposing view. We’ve already seen examples of this in mainstream media like Jimmy Kimmel for example or any other celebrity figure that does a segment on this subject, again, basically using ridicule instead of addressing the opposing views and countering them with actual information.. Ridicule, hate, and fear, this is all part of the Big Pharma mass marketing program that’s used to drive this trillion dollar industry. Fear is what drives parents to vaccinate, not information.

When the establishment makes it so you can’t even question vaccine safety without offending anybody, you know something is up, and if you’re a student of science, you know how far this drifts from the research when the masses are all forced to stop questioning.

Here is another response from GMI regarding the ban:

Pinterest’s accusations of misinformation (read ‘fake news’) are curious, to say the least, considering that all of our information on vaccination either reproduces verbatim published, peer-reviewed literature on the topic of their unintended, adverse effects, or simply reports on this primary, presumably rock solid layer of the biomedical literature.

Visit our vaccination research dashboard here to take a look for yourself.  

Moreover, Pinterest’s primary justification for characterizing our research as a threat to public safety is that the information we provide access to contradicts the CDC and WHO. But what happens when these very organizations violate medical ethical principles, such as when in 2014 a senior CDC scientist, Dr. Thompson, blew the whistle on his agency for covering up data linking the MMR vaccine to increased autism rates in African American boys? You can read about that here.

Similar issues have emerged with the WHO, which you can read about herehere, and here.

As far as the accusation that we are harming Pinterest users by posting information supporting natural healing methods, I would argue that the almost 45,000 peer-reviewed and published studies available on our open access database on the science of natural medicine speak for themselves. Shooting the messenger doesn’t make the message go away.

They make some excellent points and there are countless amounts of examples of fraudulent activity that permeates through our regulatory agencies. Another one would be the SPIDER papers. It’s amazing to me how these regulatory agencies are still in operation.

I’m not going to get into the whole vaccine debate but the point is our rights and freedoms of, and to information and speech, is being stripped from us and many people aren’t seeing it. If you want to learn more about vaccines and the issues many people, scientists, and health professionals are having with them, you can refer to this article to get a general idea while you further your search, as well as search through GMI’s database linked above.

It’s not surprising this is happening on Pinterest either, among other platforms. Back in 2015, the journal Vaccine published an article titled, “On pins and needles: how vaccines are portrayed on Pinterest,” which concluded that after analyzing 800 vaccine topic related pins the majority of the pins — 75% — were negative/critical of vaccines. So, as you can see, there was definitely a push to change the narrative, or to at least silence one side of it.

People are not stupid, there is a reason why the masses are being more outspoken about vaccination.

Despite Censorship, The Truth Is Still Out There – Takeaway

I’ve been working in this field (alternative media) for a long time, and it’s amazing to see how much things are changing, and how perceptions towards various subjects are changing. Blaming this on “fake news” and misinformation really insults the intelligence of all those who are starting to awaken.

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