London and Wall Street Can’t Survive to 2020; So Attack a Chinese Leadership Thinking Decades Ahead


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

If we are to succeed in redirecting President Donald Trump from his current obliviousness to the financial crash coming at the United States, the outrageous attacks on China, in particular, by neo-con members of his administration and clueless European “leaders” must be shut up.

What is causing these figures, like National Security Advisor John Bolton, to rush forward like Alcibiades passionately seeking a new “Thucydides Trap”, is that same financial crash, coming to take down the London and Wall Street megabanks and the “neo-liberal” order along with them. They don’t share President Trump’s belief that strong economic progress and great-power cooperation are possible; but only the pessimism of the Wall Street and City of London elite facing yet another, and bigger, collapse. And the people of more and more Western nations have revolted against their neo-liberal order since the Brexit referendum in mid-2016.

Nothing could prove this extreme “no-future” pessimism more completely, than the vicious “psych-attack” on China’s President Xi Jinping by a full-length program of the French and German governments’ joint public TV channel, ARTE TV. This babbling “psychoanalsis at a distance” to slander a leader whose proposals for cooperative economic progress have won the respect of scores of nations, is a new low in behavior which will be suicidal for western nations if tolerated.

President Xi, especially in his diplomacy in bringing the Belt and Road Initiative of great projects into the development of Africa, and the gradual eradication of rural poverty there, is clearly thinking ahead to the potential human future of 2050 and beyond. The more and more shrill attacks on Xi and the New Silk Road, come as U.S. and European debt markets are freezing, stock markets are plunging, real estate markets are shrinking, European economic growth is once again negative.

The trans-Atlantic banks’ “everything bubble” will crash very soon; thus their attitude toward China, and Russia. President Trump still believes he can potentially cooperate with those great powers, both for peace and for rapid economic development, and believes that humanity’s technological advance is not under the boot of “climate change.”

But that takes a long-range vision of human progress which the President hasn’t yet developed, or he wouldn’t be letting financial calamity come at the United States, unaware and unprepared.

It takes, as Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche emphasized today, the full 50-year vision of human progress which Lyndon LaRouche has described in his books, such as Earth’s Next 50 Years. And it requires immediate steps, like the re-instatement of the Glass-Steagall Act to wall off productive banking and economy from London’s and Wall Street’s crash.

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