Is This the Last Generation Humans? Major Revelations and Big Changes Lie Ahead


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

This is the beginning of several revelations of who is really in charge of what is happening on the planet, what I know about (free) energy, and the future of the planet as some entities would have it. This story cannot be told in one article or one interview. However, ex-NSA Vance Davis and myself have made a decision to tell what we know on certain topics that are not spoken of in open circles. Because there is some risk involved, much of this has already been disseminated to several knowledgeable people for safekeeping and self-preservation.

Vance and I had already recorded the first of a tell-all interview regarding our dealings with Enron, Ken Lay, free energy technology not of terrestrial origin,Tesla links to this story, and the near-future of mankind. I want to be clear on this point. In 1993, Vance Davis was among the first, if not the very first who revealed what was coming over two decades later with regard to transhumanism. The latter aspect of these revelations will be covered in a later presentation.

A Sense of Urgency

The decision had been made to disseminate this information, over time, to allow people to adjust (ie remove their cognitive dissonance goggles). However, recent events have pushed us to the point where full disclosure must go forward with all due haste because we are already encountering resistance in getting this story released.

Last night, Vance Davis and myself had just concluded an interview regarding Tesla technology, ET connections, our involvement with Ken Lay and Enron and what is most often referred to as “free energy” (ie hyperdimensional physics). The interview has just flat disappeared. Additionally, I was telling Paul Martin what was going to be revealed and in the course of our detailed conversation, our communications were interfered with on a relentless basis. The message was clear, we are not going to be allowed to tell what we know without harassment and resistance. However, we have a message, we are going to tell the story and if it is not us telling the story, our associates with who we have pre-emptively shared this story, will see to it that this story is told. Why? Because this information contains earth shattering (literally) information. It involves not only free energy, but stargates and other exotic technology. And if one goes back and looks at what I have been periodically writing about in 2018, one can see that I have been laying the landscape for these revelations.

What follows is a necessary description of the overview where these disclosures are going.

A Warning for Jim Marrs and Myself

On one of the anniversary dates of the killing of John F. Kennedy, I was interviewing Jim Marrs about the event and he pulled an amazing rabbit out of his hat when he deviated from the script and said, “One cannot fully understand the course of human events without first understanding the role that ET plays in everything!” Not coincidentally, when I was again interviewing Jim Marrs a month later, in 2009, in the final minute of the show, a white van pulled up to where I was broadcasting in Phoenix, and fired what was estimated to be 8 shots over the place I was broadcasting. It was quite the event as the local police swarmed the neighborhood. There were two eyewitnesses and a lot of scared neighbors. This was clearly a warning for Jim and myself to keep our mouths shut about this topic.

My Past with Jim Marrs

As I have revealed since the death of both of my parents, was my knowledge of advanced theoretical physics that ended up in the secret space program back in the early 1960’s.

In 1984-85, I was visiting my terminally ill father on a nearly nightly basis and he began to educate me on the work he did for the secret space program as he was in charge of eliciting information on theoretical physics, today we call this quantum physics.

The work was largely performed at the then labeled Martin-Marietta plant in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains outside of Littleton, CO., not far from the site of what would become the Columbine Massacre. The science that resulted from this project never made its way to NASA. And as a result of projects like this, we possess technology that even the science fiction movies cannot duplicate.

My father admonished me to not say a word about his revelations because for awhile his National Security oath would survive his death and could endanger the continued receipt of his two pensions that my mother would be receiving. So I was silent for a long time, at least publicly.

In 1993, I heard Coast to Coast with Art Bell for this first time and his guest was Vance Davis. From what Vance Davis said on the show, I knew that he basically knew what I knew. I decided to reach out to him. I sent him a simple message “I know what you about the space program, I hope we can talk”. Instead of Vance responding, he sent Bill Pawelec to check me out. Before I got to know Vance, Bill and I became friends and it was from Bill that I got to know Vance.

Later on, the two of them arranged for a meeting between Jim Marrs and myself on this topic and at this meeting we mutually impressed each other and this started a series of long-term relations which I maintained with Jim and Bill until their deaths. I am still friends with Vance today.

Continued Harassment

Following the shooting incident in 2009, Jim began to have difficulty getting his books to market. He was paid advances on books that would never be printed in an attempt to control the flow of information. The powers that be did not want Jim talking about the ET issue. Jim was blending the topic into his extensive and stellar work on secret societies. The ET connection seemed to close the loop on a lot of topics. In addition to Jim, I was repeatedly harassed during this same time frame.

I made it a habit and an informal policy to largely steer clear of this topic of ET’s all together. My news director at that time was Annie De Riso, and it was ironic that I would pursue a policy of silence on the topic. Annie had actually hosted a TV show regarding the topic of ET’s. So my silence was not  readily understood. The truth of the matter was that I could not talk about the topic because in one sense,I could not yet reveal what I knew. Because of Annie’s past work, many in the UFO community wanted to come on my show and I would not let them. To those people, I profoundly apologize.

Ken Lay and Enron

Annie’s late husband was actually Bill Pawelec, and former NSA agent, Vance Davis, and myself, were deeply involved with Ken Lay and Enron regarding the use of what is euphemistically called free energy and the origin of this energy source was not terrestrial. Pawelec had invented, based upon leaked technology a free energy device in which once the devices was powered up, it would run indefinitely without the need for a recharge. Ken Lay was already in pursuit of this information when he and Bill Pawelec found each other.  On the surface, their meeting was a marriage made in heaven. The two parties made plans to build an experimental community in the San Luis Valley in Colorado that was going to be based on this technology. In a future article, we will be discussing this in more detail.

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