Is Ebola the Globalist Answer to the Rise of Populism in Europe and the US?


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

As it was in 2014, Ebola is on the loose. Central American illegal immigrant caravans are invading the US and we seem to reliving history as these two events seem to be, once again, coinciding as a threat to all of humanity, particularly to those people living in American and Europe.

The Ebola Threat Is Re-Emerging

Let’s look at three press releases on this topic and keep in mind, that none of the sources are American mainstream media sources (eg CNN, Washington Post).

From The Voice of Europe: (Editor’s Note: Please notice that the source European and not the American mainstream media).

The deadly and highly contagious Ebola disease was previously a concern for a few countries in Central Africa. Today, as a result of globalization and extensive migration, countries such as Sweden are also at risk of being hit by the dreaded epidemic.

The preparedness for an epidemic has been extremely poor in Sweden, but will now be somewhat better since the University Hospital in Malmö is building an isolation unit for ebola patients, national broadcaster SVTreports.

In the Southern Healthcare Region, there is concern about inadequate preparedness. It is not a question of if, but when, a new epidemic erupts, head of operations, Maria Josephson at Skåne University Hospital, states


If one wanted to get Ebola going as a major threat where would they go? Well, of course, they would go to the Congo and that is what just happened as the AP is reporting the following:

…WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned late Friday that “prolonged insecurity” in Congo could erase recent gains made in containing the second-deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. Work has reached a “critical point,” he said.

Kabila on Thursday evening claimed that the hemorrhagic fever could spread as people use voting machines, tapping on a touchscreen to select candidates. A polling station could have 500 to 600 voters and “this assumes that a lot of people will be contaminated,” he said. Health officials have said people would sanitize their hands before and after voting….

Again, despite the fact that this was an AP story, the American MSM does not seem interested as CNN is still silent on this issue.

From the Daily Mail:

An American who was providing medical assistance in Congo may have been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus and is being monitored at a Nebraska medical center.

The unnamed physician, 39, showed no symptoms of the deadly disease and was transported to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, according to Politico

The hospital confirmed Saturday that it was housing the person in a secure area that is not accessible to other patients or the public. Spokesman Taylor Wilson says the person arrived Saturday afternoon.

It is a simple task to find more the same types of news releases and none of them would American MSM sources. This has made me highly suspicious.  So what do we have? We have the following:

  1. Sweden has announced that they are preparing for Ebola.
  2. We have a pair of news reports which talk about the fact that Ebola is again active in the Congo and history taught us back in 2014, that the Congo was the origination point for Ebola which eventually did touch America.
  3. I have a report from a high level confidential informant which told me that the CDC dispatched a contagious outbreak team to Brussels. So why would this be significant? What if the EU is looking at an Ebola outbreak as a European problem and the preparation in Sweden is merely the step in this process? Keep in mind that Brussels is where all important EU decisions are made.
  4. It may just be coincidence, but I have not yet turned into a coincidence theorist. When we had the last Central American migrant invasion, Ebola coincidentally came to America and its origination point was the Congo.

Shall We Put On Our Coincidence Theory Hats or Our Conspiracy Hats?

As if the four points listed above were not enough to foster some healthy skepticism about the Ebola story in combination with the other listed events, let’s try some additionally related material.

I recently did a mini-podcast on the fact that many experts say that Sweden has past the point of no return and they are in a state of war. Several websites have echoed the same observation (eg Infowars).

During the current French Yellow Vest protests, the EU sent in their version of peacekeepers. Oe has to wonder if an Ebola release is in their plans to quell the extreme rise of populism in places like France, the UK, Spain, Greece, Hungary and a host of other European nations.

The Final Solution?

I am looking at this article as one that I hope will shake pertinent information out of the trees so to speak. It is now my contention that Europe will fall victim to Ebola and the US will go through a grid down scenario with a little Ebola pandemic mixed in. Here are the reasons that I have come to the conclusion that Ebola is being deployed as a suppressant to the current wave of populism.

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