Inside an Elite Russian Paratrooper Training Academy – Excellent In-Depth Russian TV Report


by Michael Quinn, Russia Insider:

It’s a very hard-core academy, the best in Russia, and the recruits seem to love it!

The school is focused on intense combat skills and involves a huge amount of outdoor training and simulations.

This is a special longer report (12 minutes), and has fantastic footage of the students going through really harrowing training. In a wind tunnel, practicing falling into water, underwater operations, hand-to-hand combat, and much more.

Very cool stuff for military / war buffs.

Compare and contrast with the supreme cultural effeminacy of European NATO militaries. See Sweden meme below. There’s a reason people make them.


Transcript provided below:


They shoot and run round the clock. They practice hand-to-hand combat underwater and skydive from great heights. They study history, philosophy, and higher maths. They create simulated diversions and conduct simulated enemy’s rear area raids. They teach the cadets everything. Over 100 years, the infantry courses in Ryazan’ve turned into a unique higher education institution, the Ryazan Higher Airborne School.

The cadets spend more time at the firing range than in classrooms. They get used to living in the field. The sound of combat vehicles and cannonade are their usual environment. Some are trained to conduct assault operations in an enemy’s rear area. Others are trained to do quiet work abroad.

Rashid Gorelov, cadet: “We have many classes and various tactics and firearms training. We spend a lot of time doing physical exercises.”

Alexey Ragozin, Head of the School: “The most ridiculous myth about the school is that it’s almost impossible to enter. I experienced it myself when I failed to enroll on the first attempt. When I returned to my homeland, a military commissar told me that I’ll never be admitted there. They enroll only masters of sports and honors students. Then, I decided that I’ll enroll for sure, and I did it on my second attempt.”

– How many people live here?

– Eighty-five.

They live like servicemen, in barracks, no frills. Anatoliy Gorchakov is from a remote Zabaykalsky Krai’s village. He enrolled on his second attempt, too. He’s a five-year student now.

Anatoly Gorchakov: “You can see my bed. Here are my notes.”

Tactics copybook of Gorchakov Anatoly Andreevich. That’s what they’re studying. This is military science right here.

Alexey Ragozin: “In five years, an ordinary enrollee who enters here will be ready to become a leader of a small group, a platoon commander, who is able to lead people and accomplish not only a training but a combat mission.”

Gorchakov like everyone here knows his personal weapon’s number by heart.

– What’s your number?

– 095004951, the short number is 951.

– Zero, nine, five hundred…

– Forty-nine, fifty-one.

– Let me see. Yes, that’s 4951. How many times have you fired it?

– I think several thousand times.

– Several thousand?

– Right.

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