In The Age Of Social Media ‘Free Speech’….


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I will never spam people — and never have.

In fact if you go to the Terms of Service in the FAQ here you will see that I explicitly so-state, with no exceptions.  I do not nor will I, sell your data — no matter whether for cash or some sort of “partnership.”  Again, this is an explicitcommitment in the TOS and FAQ here.

Nor am I going to implement the “push” garbage that many sites are doing now to browsers.  Frankly, I find it offensive, and not just a little bit offensive either.  I also won’t do what certain other (you know who-cough-cough!) sites are doing right now with javascript-loaded “code” that is doing ghod-knows-what when you read — they’re stealing CPU cycles, and I bet what they’re doing with them is crypto-mining.  They hope you don’t notice — or care.

But what I’d like to ask you to do if you read this article is to first, set up an account if you haven’t already.  Then sign into it.  And then, go to the control panel tab, select an appropriate time interval for “Notify you of new messages” and save that (you’ll need your password at the bottom right above the “Commit changes” box)  You might also want to turn on “Suppress Subscriptions” (as you see I have) which prevents the system from automatically subscribing you to threads you post in.

(Incidentally, all those “social media” radio buttons on the left — they do nothing.  I removed the code behind them all a couple of years ago when I came to the conclusion that all of these sites are inherently evil and so is everyone who runs one or works for it…)

Oh, and by the way, don’t use Earthlink (and their captives, such as Mindspring) as an ISP for your email, or AOL.  Both block notification emails, both have claimed to have removed the blocks in the past, and both are liars.  Tickerforum’s IP address has not changed in years nor is any other system or service on that address — and Tickerforum has never sent any email other than notifications account-holders have requested.

Then click the Subscriptions tab at the top of the Control Panel command bar; you’ll see this.  If you have a bunch of threads in there from previous conversations you can use the “REMOVE ALL” checkbox (click “Modify”) to remove them all.

Then select Market Ticker and click Modify Subscriptions.

This will send you an email when a new Ticker posts.

(BTW the “social media” selections in the control panel are all inactive — and have been for some time.  They’re not coming back either.  **** you Twatter and Facesucker.)

You can always come back and turn it off later if it becomes too much, or change the interval in the control panel (e.g. to once a day.)

But with this you need not follow anything anywhere on social anything.  You’ll get notified when there’s a new Ticker by email and can come look at your leisure.

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