Hmmm: Mexico’s New ‘Socialist’ President Slashes Govt Spending, Limits New Spending, & Funds Infrastructure


from Silver Doctors:

Big changes in Mexico in just 18 days, and while we’re on the topic, here’s another view about the real (as in evil) purpose of Trump’s border wall…

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (nicknamed “Amlo”) for all intents and purposes is a socialist.

He is also a globalist.

That said, check out what has happened in only 18 days since he took office:

  • “Deep cuts” to several ministries’ budgets (“ministries” are the “departments” in the US, like the Department of Homeland Security).

  • Allowing budget cuts to fund some much needed infrastructure spending.
  • Selling-off some of the government’s fleet of planes to reduce bloat.
  • Trying to cut salaries of top bureaucrats (think “swamp creatures”).


Imagine that.

Not only that, but Amlo promises to end what many Mexicans see as “excessive lifestyles of their rulers”.

What does “excessive lifestyles of their rulers” sound like?

It sounds a lot like the situation Americans find themselves in today, doesn’t it?

Besides what does that sound like, who does that sound like?

To me, that sounds like, well, nevermind, because I don’t want to get called a President Trump hater.

I’m not.

But don’t get it twisted – I’m not a President Trump liker either.

For now, I’m indifferent, although the more time that passes with America only getting worse, the more likely I am to think that our President is a Trojan Horse after all.

My gut is already telling me he is.

But formally, for me, the jury is still out on whether President Trump is a “good” guy or a “bad” guy.

Regardless of my understanding of our President, I really am indifferent in the end, because no matter what, I think this ship called the USS America is sinking, and when it gets bad enough, well, that’s when we get Civil War II, or bloody revolution, or whatever you want to call it.

I wish I didn’t see it like that.

But I digress.

Since we are on the topic of Mexico, I want to bring up something I have brought up before: The Wall.

Many months ago I argued that the Border Wall is actually designed to keep Americans in, and it is not designed to keep people out.

In fact, I even show emplacements of newly constructed gun towers in El Paso, Texas, conveniently disguised as “asthetic towers”:

Them ain’t no dang “aesthetic towers”.

Them’s gun towers!

And they are very strategically placed.

OK, “But Half Dollar, everybody knows you fell off your rocker long ago. You’re just some paranoid nutcase who drank a little too much of the conspiracy theory Kool-Aid!”.



I don’t think so.

Since thinking that way, I’ve come to find out, and I honestly had no prior knowledge of this, that although to a slightly less doom-n-gloomy extent,  Ron Paul said the same thing about the wall during one of his Presidential Campaigns:

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