Hairy Hissmas


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Isn’t it amusing that Twatter tags the “Christmas” hashtag with a present?

Really?  It’s about commericalism, right?  Always has been, always will be, yeah, ok.


How’s that working for ‘ya, particularly when it comes to the market?  BTW we’re sitting on the 200 week moving average as this goes to press.  It had better hold….

Then again why should it?  You have one half of the nation screaming “MAAAAAAGGGGGAAAA” like a bunch of screaming hyenas and the other half screaming “IMPEEEACCCCCHHHMMMENT”.  Neither gives a flying **** about the security of our borders, neither cares about all the dead Americans that those illegal invaders have murdered or the jobs they’ve taken and nobody has one anything about it on either side of the aisle.

Reagan made a “deal” on this, if you remember.  Then the Democrats reneged.  Instead of vetoing every single bill that came after that he went along.  **** him in his grave with a stallion for that and screw anyone who thinks he was “great” beyond that point.  He was nothing more than a sellout.

How long is this sort of polarization going to go on before a bunch of someones decide that the nation is too small for all of us and one half of the country is going to have to go?  Then what?  We tried that one before and it sucked pretty bad.  Are you sure you want to do it again — because it certainly looks like we’re headed there.

The bigger issue, however, is the post-1980s insanity in the markets and Fed, all of it trying to find a way to cover up for stripping everyone in the bottom 99% of the population to their underwear and then getting them to take a screwing in exchange for a half-hearted reach-around.  Post-Volcker, to be exact.  Volcker was dealt a crap hand but you have to give the guy credit — he actually read and understood English.  “Stable prices” means just that — not 2% inflation, not whatever loosey-goosey thing we want — stable prices.  And not just in things the government wants to count either — in the cost of living as a whole.  He was the last Fed Chair who at least attempted to follow the law.  We can argue over whether he actually did it, but he at least knew what it was and professed then — and now — what’s actually written down.

Today it’s all a bad joke.  Just walk down your local street and tell me how many of the people you see will be “just fine” if the government checks — and crazy-extortionate medical system — fold back and disappear.  A quarter, maybe a third?  What happens to everyone else?  Oh, but it will never happen, you say.  So did the Romans, among many others.

You flunked history in High School, say much less college, didn’t you?  Were you too stoned in class to remember any of what has always come when a society plays the games we’re playing now and have been for the last few decades?

So here we are, with the supposed “celebration” of Christ’s birth.  It’s not, of course.  Historically the date is a complete rob-job.  Nobody who’s ever studied anything beyond a Christian liturgical calendar can seriously believe Christ was born on December 25th.  There’s plenty of evidence that the date was basically ripped off from the Roman festival of the Sun, along with other pagan traditions as a means of shoehorning Christianity into those cultures, but who cares, really — after 2,000+ years does the actual date really matter?

Never mind that “Christmas”, or Christ’s Mass, no longer has much of anything to do with religious traditions at all.  Oh sure, the window dressing is there.  But tell me — besides the two vigil masses at 4:00 and 7:00 PM this evening, and of course the three tomorrow (you do know there is a limit on the number of masses a given Priest can celebrate a day, right?  It’s two on ordinary days and three on Holy Days of obligation; there are also special exceptions possible in extreme cases) what do you see around you?  Religious symbolism or Santas, “SALE!” signs and similar?

Why does NORAD — our Federal Government — put up a “Santa Tracker”?  Mr. funny-money Mnuchin, is that you I see?  Oh by the way what do you think the Christian faith has to say about you playing “trading places” with spouses?  Meh.

I’ve never liked the holidays — even when I was a kid.  They’re fake.  Never mind the routine nastiness that shows up all over the place.  I can have that any day of the year, so why make a “special effort”?  Meh.

In any event the fraud machine is unraveling fast in Trumpland and across the nation.  Then again it’s not like we haven’t had it coming for the last decade or so — right Barry Soetero?  The rah-rah garbage you see on social media, along with the raw screwing therein and screaming of various folks, never mind parents parading their 11 year old children in Gay Bars in NY — in drag — is enough to make you retch.

This nation needs a good douche and I suspect we’re going to get it sooner than later.

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