Google CEO’s Testimony Further Collapses Russian Interference Narrative


by Joe Martino, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:Recent testimony from Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes yet another leg out of the crumbling Russian election-meddling narrative used to cast doubt on the Trump presidency.
  • Reflect On:Is the Deep State, through mainstream media, simply projecting all the things they do themselves? How else would they know how to build these narratives so well? Breaking this illusion is an important step in awakening our consciousness.

The importance of specific nuances within the recent 2016 Presidential election in the United States is not widely discussed as we often get too caught up in political sides, our own narratives and propaganda from mainstream media.

Point blank, this recent election illustrated a changing of the guard when looking specifically at the shadow government or Deep State. This is missed by the average person as their faith still rests in democracy, the left-right voting paradigm and the idea that the government actually runs the country. This nuance is missed by some in alternative media sources who, even though they may recognize the existence of the cabal, cannot get out from behind their own narrative enough to recognize the signs that the cabal is losing power.

And of course, those who watch, listen to and rely on mainstream media are simply misinformed on most issues–deeply. Mainstream media is owned and operated by this cabal, and of late they’ve been clinging to their narratives like there’s no tomorrow. The key takeaway when discussing this nuance is in the fact that this isn’t about left vs right, but about the cabal losing power. More on this later.

RussiaGate Right Out Of The Gate

Shortly after the 2016 election ended and people had gotten over the shock that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States, ‘fake news’ and ‘Russian election meddling’ became the focus for why Hillary lost. While at first many blamed ‘stupid old white men,’ a meme sill alive today, the focus soon changed to a new and potentially more potent theory, fully supported by the DNC, that Russia must have been the cause.

The problem was, the theory had little to no evidence, and that has not changed. It’s also proving to be a very large distraction that still lives on to this day regardless of the fact that time and time again, it is proven to be illegitimate.

Still, mainstream media continues to promote it, as seen in the Bezos-owned Washington Post article Without the Russians, Trump Wouldn’t Have Won, or in a NewYorker article entitled How Russia Helped Swing the Election for Trumpwhich posits “…forensic analysis of the available evidence and concludes that Russia very likely delivered Trump’s victory.”

CNN came under a lot of fire during the Russian meddling allegations for continually publishing fake news stories about it. Some CNN reporters even resigned after they had to retract false stories. There is also a video of a CNN reporter stating “they have nothing” and “it’s for ratings”, when referring to Russian election interference. More on all of that here.

Google CEO’s Damning Testimony

The reason why this narrative is so important to the deep state is multifaceted. It continues to promote control over social media networks, it continues to produce the idea that Trump only won due to a rigged election, it continues to create hate and divide amongst the populace, it continues to created an enemy in Russia, who now is being blamed in some mainstream circles as the cause of France’s unrest! Whether people believe it all or not, it still continues to distract them from the underlying reality that the deep state is losing power and falling apart at the seams.

In the most recent development, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai testified about political bias and data collection before a Congressional committee on December 11th, 2018. He was questioned about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and what he revealed essentially collapsed the entire narrative. He discussed transparently that the number of ads that were purchased via Google by “Russians” totaled less than $5000 worth, and that the ads didn’t push for Trump orHillary.

What should be headlines all over America, is nothing more than brushed under the rug by MSM. Below you can hear more analysis on this by RT news. I do want to point out, I don’t particularly support the tone of this interview, but nonetheless, the analysis and facts are there.


So we have to ask the question: what is really going on here? When we closely analyze what’s been taking place in recent times, we begin to see that there is a great deal of projection going on here.

The ploy to blame Russia for election meddling seems more likely borne out of the idea that Americans are easily convinced that Russia is an enemy and they do bad things. Further to that, the Deep State, including the Clintons, had allegedly been colluding with Russia in the Uranium One deal. And the FBI refuses to release three dozen memos that would yield a full investigation. Why? And why does there seem to be a gag order on this story in mainstream media?

Claims that “fake news” is a huge problem and that we need to crack down are abundant in the mainstream; the fact is that the Deep State uses mainstream media to control and limit narratives and purposefully misinform the public on events. Note that at least 200 independent media pages have been ousted by Facebook after political pressure from this election. Why? Because independent media was able to bring different narratives to millions and millions of people, a huge threat to the mainstream media and the Deep State. They then called these independent media outlets “fake news” purveyors and removed them from people’s view. Thus, the very thing they are calling out others for is what they themselves are doing, and of course with all their experience they know how to do that VERY well.

Headlines could very easily be all over mainstream media about these things, but they aren’t. Instead, search results are overwhelmingly littered with the Russian election meddling narrative at the simple touch of typing the word ‘Russian’ in Google.

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