French magazine publishes with ‘Hitler like’ cover of President Macron


from Voice Of Europe:

Saturday’s M magazine of French newspaper Le Monde had a rather peculiar cover. It contains an ‘old-style’ image of President Macron, which some compared with an image of former German dictator Adolf Hitler.

The magazine apologised after some readers were shocked by the parallels between the cover and the magazine’s 2017 collage of Hitler.

A colorless Macron is seen standing above yellow vest protesters in Paris in an image with a black Gothic letter “M” behind him.

According to readers and Twitter users, the image and its art style are related to the collage of Hitler, when standing in front of the red-and-white flag of his Third Reich.

Le Monde issued an apology for the cover, but it rejected suggestions that had intended to compare Macron to the Nazi leader.

Other readers say the comparison is nonsense as Le Monde’s magazine has more of these covers, for example of Karl Marx or even Godzilla.

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