FAA’s “Integration Pilot UAS Program” Is Really A National Police Surveillance Drone Program


by MassPrivateI, Activist Post:

This year was full of many disturbing stories, like the one about Bloomberg’s role-playing workshops being used to convince the public to accept police drones equipped with microphones. And another about politicians claiming police drones will help revitalize a downtown and create community connections.

None of that could have prepared me for what I discovered after looking into the FAA’s drone program.

Last month, an article in Nextgov caught my attention with the headline, “Surveying the public in a city being used as a federal drone testing site.” Those first three words “surveying the public, sounds an awful lot like surveilling the public.

Could that be what they are really saying? You be the judge.

The article claims the FAA plans to allow drones to be used for food deliveries like Uber Eats, blood and medical supplies and mentions police surveillance drones only once. Which seemed a little suspicious.

An article in The San Diego Union-Tribune revealed that the FAA and 20 regional organizations are working together to convince residents to accept drones.

“San Diego was one of the regions chosen for the two-year test program because of the area’s unusually busy airspace, thriving technology industry and the presence of the international border with Mexico, city officials said.”

“Since May, our partners have been busy evaluating possible drone uses that will benefit residents and businesses, as well as government agencies,” said John Valencia, executive director of the city’s Office of Homeland Security.

A 25-question online survey mentions privacy twice and police surveillance drones eight times if you include question #17 which asks if you are concerned about terrorism?

Nothing suspicious about that, right?

The city of San Diego also revealed that Qualcomm is working with the FAA to help with first responder drone communications.

Qualcomm’s partnership with the FAA should worry everyone. Qualcomm has been linked to spying public kiosks that are popping up everywhere and their software has been installed in Mattel’s toys worldwide.

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