Are We Being Lied To About The Migrant Caravan?


by Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution:

  • The Facts:The 2018 migrant caravan has become one of the most touchy subjects of the year. Thus far, it appears as though this is due to the media portrayal of the situation, which is highly politically motivated. We are not being told the truth.
  • Reflect On:Are you aware of the political ploy the caravan has become to divide the public in a divide and conquer strategy? Are you able to discern the difference between what your heart is feeling on the matter vs what your mind is saying?

One of the most emotional topics of the year it seems, people are up in arms, on either side of politics, about the current migrant caravan awaiting at the US border.

The angle from liberal media is painting the situation as a crisis where families, women and children are struggling and are in need of assistance, but Trump’s administration is stonewalling them in an unprecedented cold shoulder.

The angle the conservative media is taking is that these are all war ready males coming to rape, pillage and steal jobs from Americans and are a threat to all hard-working white Americans.

Both angles are nothing more than manipulative rhetoric to get you emotionally engaged in the situation, so we not only stay aligned with either side, but also hopelessly lost in confusion. Simply, mainstream media, and even most alternative media, is not bringing you an accurate truth on the situation.

Below is my take on the situation. I look at this from a conscious heart-based position where we recognize as humans that this is an issue that touches us, yet we are being pulled in a whole other distraction by politics and media, effectively clouding what we’re really feeling and how we’re reacting.

I have since spoke to a journalist on the ground in Tijuana who gave us all the nitty-gritty details of what’s truly happening. That video is coming shortly. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest.

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