Another Vegas resident reports finding shell casings in Tropicana parking lot one day after 1 October massacre


by Shepard Ambellas, Intellihub:

Another eyewitness to shell casings in the Tropicana parking lot following the 1 October shooting reveals the details in a candid interview.

A second Las Vegas resident was captured on video admitting that she found brass shell casings in the Tropicana parking lot the morning after the 2017 massacre which left 58 people dead at the hands of a single gunman named Stephen Paddock who allegedly opened fire on crowd goers who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival during Jason Aldean’s set on the night of October 1.

A video posted to the Eddie Schmitz YouTube channel reveals that a man by the name of Joe Napoli was not the only local resident to see brass shell casings strewn across the Tropicana parking lot following the shooting. In fact, a woman who lives nearby to where the shooting occurred also claims to have seen and even recovered a few of the discharged shell casings herself.

Youtuber Eddie Schmitz tracked down a woman named Katie who called 9-1-1 from her residence on the night of the shooting and asked her a few questions about what she knew.

The woman explained to the vlogger that EMTs had “used two of the apartments” in her complex “for triage” and mentioned that police “were hiding” in her complex “because they did not know where the shots were coming from.”

“From talking to people, no one knew where the bullets were coming from,” she explained. “And that’s the truth.”

The woman admits that she found bullet casings in the Tropicana parking lot the day after the shooting which, pardon the pun, shoots holes in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s official narrative altogether.

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