Another Conservative Political Ban: ME


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

So here we are folks….

I have finally joined the team — Twatter has determined that my telling Pelosi to **** herself with a rusty chainsaw constitutes advocating suicide or self-harm.


Ok, I removed that one despite their risible false claim.

But the purely political process involved in this firm’s bull**** is on display right here, which I reproduce in full for your consideration so nobody can claim I’m “editing” things, which Twatter considered “harassment” and thus grounds for an account restriction:

Asking Chuck Schumer in public how he will like having a USSC nominee rammed down his throat politically violates Twatter’s terms of service?


That one I appealed.  Does it matter?  Not really; I’ll likely delete it.  But that’s the end of my willingness to participate on Twitter, other than using it announce-only for here and compiling a list of those who display depravity (such as Chuck Schumer) as a means of IFF.

It’s a long list.

This is a company that bans people for purely protected political speech and a set of advertisers that pay the company to do it. Telling a politician to **** themselves with a rusty chainsaw in response to their policies that you believe will materially harm you and others is not “advocating self harm or suicide”, it is an expression of extreme disgust at their depraved behavior and is protected, First Amendment political speech.  So is asking a sitting Senator how he’s going to like having a conservative Supreme Court nominee rammed down his throat via the 100% legal and appropriate political process during which he will be forced to sit back and swallow, like it or not, under the standing rules of The Senate.

As a US Citizen I am certainly entitled to political speech and such political speech is also entitled to the strongest protection under the First Amendment.  Twitter may be a “private firm” and operate a “private venue” but whether they should continue to enjoy protection from publisher liability when they engage in censorship of protected political speech is another question, especially when they continue to permit people like Al Sharpton and Linda Sarsour to parade around with clear anti-Semitic views on their platform.

This firm and everyone who works for it or any company advertising on it ought to be flat-out destroyed via any and all lawful means.  Of course nobody will lift a finger just as nobody has with the myriad privacy violations including giving away your private messages that Facebook’s Zuckerpig has committed.

Enjoy the decline and bookmark the page, or use an RSS reader.

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