A Vital Batchelor-Cohen Update


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

It turns out that Professor Cohen was actually in Moscow when the events in the Kerch Strait transpired ten days ago. He’s back in the US now and provides some essential background information on this latest crisis within the New Cold War.

In lieu of a regular TFMR podcast today, please take time to listen to this JBSFC. I know that many of you have grown weary of the Cold War stuff over the past few months. However, as this latest flare-up demonstrates, the crisis could spill over into full-scale hostilities at any moment so you must remain on top of the situation.

Thus, it is IMPERATIVE that you listen to this podcast today and bring yourself up-to-speed on all of the ongoing events. As usual, the perspective and intelligence shared by John and Steve is like no other coverage anywhere in western media. It’s fair, honest and objective…and this is precisely the type of analysis you need at critical moments.Again, please be sure to listen this week and every week that John and Steve are able to get together for a discussion.


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