A Picture is Worth Many (Prison) Sentences. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

I think all members of the #QArmy have a sense that things are starting to heat up, and that the stakes have been raised higher than they’ve been for a long time. You’ve got the media in overdrive, pressure at the border, looming collapse in the financial markets (thanks FED +Payseurs!), and election upheaval on top of all that.

Despite what the haters and the detractors would say, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve learned over these many months of “training” to recognize the moves, the players, and the ulterior motives by now.  We are, as of this writing, just 7 days away from Huber dropping his testimony.

However, you’ll notice this article comes a bit slower than is typical for me, and when that happens, you can bet it’s because I’m having a hard time understanding Q’s intended meaning.

I think you’ll get a sense of where my frustration is coming from as we get in to it (but I’ll still do as best as I can in trying to “decode).”

And the reason I write these, even when I’m frustrated and confused, is not just to whine and complain (as some shills accuse me of doing), but it’s in the hope that someone on the Q-team, whoever it may be, will get a better sense for where the QCommunity is at right now, in regard to their level of understanding. I think I tend to be a half-way decent barometer for that, and sure, there are others who are far more intelligent than I, but I think my readers understand that I try to seek out those people, glean what I can from their insights, and pass them on in a way that’s understandable to the masses. That “translation” and curation is no easy task.

And if the “translator” ain’t gettin’ the message, neither are a lot of people!

But again, I try my best, and leave the rest for another day.  You know as well as I do by now that the immediate meaning is not always apparent, until days or weeks later, so it’s our job to just try to follow along as best as we can in the meantime!

First, Q’s screenshot:


Q states:

Everything stated has a purpose.

Think timing of Tweet (above) v last drops [HouseOfCards] re: Maggie NYT re: WL ‘Maggie’ drops re: WL attack re: ‘Q’

This is the tweet “above” Q referenced:

But 42 percent?

Isn’t it upwards of 80 percent?

Scam Exposed: Donations To Clinton Foundation Plummeted After Clinton Lost The Election | Investor's Business Daily

During the 2016 campaign many wondered whether the Clinton Foundation was a legitimate charity or a pay-to-play scam. The latest data provide the answer.

Investor's Business Daily INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY

I talked a little bit about that on Gab at the time:

And then, Q references the Wikileaks attacks on Q:


Here’s the thread referenced by that last Wikileaks tweet. The TLDR of it is that they’re saying QAnon is just confirming people’s biases:

Adrian Oaks on Twitter

“1/ On July 11th 2018, @counterchekist tweeted that something big was coming in the Mueller investigation. Two days later, 12 Russians were indicted on charges related to the DNC computer hack. How could he have known? Follow along for a little experiment that will explain it”


But I honestly don’t see how any of this connects.

Q asks “do you believe in coincidences?”

Frankly, I’m not seeing any “coincidences” here.

Literally, here’s the timeline:

Maggie Haberman posts about the “Q train.”
Q posts about D5.
Trump goes after the Clinton Foundation
Wikilieaks attacks QAnon.

I… just don’t see the chain of causation between these events.

Coincidences, Q? You want me to spot the “coincidences??”

How about some clarity, first? What’s the common denominator here?

Oh sure, we can speculate. We know, for instance, that the Clowns control the Wikileaks twitter account. But again, how does that connect to Haberman? Is it just because she’s talking in clown-code on twitter, too? Is that the connection we’re supposed to see?

(And the koala pic in the bottom right of Q’s image is strange, too, because the Brave browser doesn’t put user icons like that in any kind of overlay. That had to be added to the screenshot, manually, with photoshop or something).

The whole Corsi thing is just too weird to me, now. I don’t understand what the angles are any more, what they’re hoping to accomplish, and what’s motivating the different actors to say what they’re saying. It’s almost impossible to tell who is trustworthy at this point.

I mean, we know that Corsi is untrustworthy, but then you see headlines like this:

What’s he playing at, exactly?

Q talks about his plea deal, and then Corsi goes and rejects the plea deal.


Like, we already know that Corsi is Mossad due to Mel Rockefeller’s testimony. We’ve already seen his past efforts to subvert (and then make nice) with the QAnon community:

Corsi, A Rockefeller, Mossad, and B’nai B’rith. #MISINFO Everywhere! #QAnon

And remember, Q also had this to say about Corsi and Alex Jones:

(I don’t think we #Anons ever quite figured out what was ever in that first blank killbox with 11 spaces, for the record. So, another missing piece of the puzzle, it seems).

And that seems to make all the difference in all of this, because if we don’t know whois behind all this, we can’t accurately predict Mueller’s goal in all this, or how Corsi is collaborating with him, even while seeming to issue a legal challenge to him.

So what does it all mean now?

Again, ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I’m really frustrated with these drops guys.  Again, it’s why I’ve taken so long to get this article out. I was hoping some clarity would come over the ensuing days, but there’s been next to nothing in regards to these drops. Oh sure, there’s been a ton of bits of news to keep track of, but nothing related to this that’s really decipherable, or anything that would contribute towards getting a clearer understanding of how these things are unfolding, as far as I know.

I know Q’s got a lot of factors he needs to weigh out when posting, but I REALLYwish he’d do a better job on the clarity front.

Still, Corsi’s subsequent meltdown on twitter in response to Q’s posts was entertaining, at least:

And while we’re still in the drop, here’s the link Q included:

So while it’s hard to tell who you can and can not trust, the way I read this is that… Lewandowski is telling the truth (at least on this front), and can be trusted here (at least on this matter).

Personally, I’m with a lot of anons on this issue. I think it will come out before Huber’s testimony, but after Comey and Lynch’s testimony – so, late on the 4th.

But to be honest, there are too many variables for me to even hazard a guess as to what’s more advantageous. One of those variables is what exactly is in those to-be-declassified reports, because we don’t know who that will affect – not just nationally, but internationally.

Two anons had some good thoughts on the matter, however:

I would think trapping individuals would be more advantageous (mostly because I don’t see too many legislators having the cojones to take anyone down head-on). Plus, the trend has, for the longest time, been to seemingly allow these people to testify and set the trap for later. Take, for instance, all the tech hearings with the likes of Zuckerberg and @Jack on Capitol hill. Total perjury traps.

But… if, for instance, Lynch has flipped and is going to spill the beans, it might be more advantageous to declassify before her testimony.

Anyway, I think it’s it’s way to hard to say here.

As for the UK/AUS, obviously the deep state there is allied with the deep state here – but like so many Americans, the citizens of these countries aren’t quite aware of all their deep state has been doing. Think Five Eyes. Once the crimes have been exposed, there will be outrage and charges of treason.

But as to the specific meaning of koala, well, Anons had some competing ideas:

One thing to remember: Turnbull resigned earlier this year. Preparing, perhaps?

Another theory from #Anon:

This would align with a lot of what Fiona Barnett has said over the years.

And yet another theory from #Anon:

One problem with this theory: It’s a letter-O. Not a zero.

But yeah, neither of these nations will want to be on the bad side of the world’s greatest superpower, so they’ll soon be flagellating their treacherous leaders in the streets by way of making penance, I imagine.

Honestly, this sounds like Q is talking about busting the Dems for election fraud prior to the new House being sworn in on January 3rd.

It could happen. The DHS report is due on the 22nd. If the Dems really did engage in fraud, you couldn’t let them be sworn in. You just couldn’t.

And the new Tribunal manual goes into effect on January 1st.

That leaves like… 2 days.

So… does that mean POTUS is going to declare Martial Law and stop the new congress from being sworn in?

I literally couldn’t tell ya what powers POTUS can claim in this situation, because I’m not a legal expert, and this scenario is so beyond the pale, I don’t even know where to go looking for the answer. No one on the boards did, either, from the look of things (and I’ve been monitoring for days now, as I always do).

This is the kind of question I wish Q would just come out and answer directly, because 1) it’s not like the law is hidden from bad actors and 2) it would help anons not waste time going off on wild goose chases, and save us all a lot of frustration. I don’t see the point in dressing up posts like this in cryptic language. Anons (eventually) get frustrated and skip back off to /pol/ or vidya, hoping someone else will find the answer – which rarely happens, frankly. (See the killbox with 11 blank spaces from Qdrop 2102 from back in September, above). It’s maddening, because the answers are NEVER found – and it’s not for lack of trying.

But at the very least, it does sound like election fraud is going to be exposed before the Dems have a chance to claim the house.

At least, I hope so.

Hyatt Regency in Chongqing.

Not sure this was a message for us…

Anons had a bunch of theories on what the stringer meant, and I liked this, when I saw it:

The “picture” in question is Trump’s recent tweet:

And obviously, “sentences” means “criminal sentences.” That’s the play on words here, in case anyone missed that.

But I’m not clear if SC means Supreme Court here, or Special Counsel.  (Maybe both, in this instance)?

As for “who is” loaded… Anon thought it meant POTUS:

I’m not so sure. I’m thinking it might be Lynch, ready to flip. It might also be Huber.

Honestly, part of me wonders if this is not a reference to RBG. I can’t imagine her being around much longer; not if tribunals and election fraud are about to be exposed. If you’re going to talk about SC lock (assuming SC means Supreme Court, in this context), I would imagine that she would have to go before then – because the Conservative majority right now is really thin, and judging by John Roberts’ recent comments to #POTUS, I don’t think we can exactly count on him to come through for us in a pinch.

No, I would think we would need another seat, and who knows? Maybe RBG will be pulling a #NoName in the very near future.

In related news, Trump tweeted out a pic of the Christmas tree in front of the White House yesterday, and Anon noticed some funny business going on:

One caveat with this Anon’s post: the G20 was not cancelled.

Anyway, here are the images he included with his post:

And here’s the image from Twitter itself, so you can download and replicate the steps Anon went through, if you so desired:



And before we go, another anon noticed that the days between Q’s posts seem to be counting down.

A previous set was on the 20th.
The next on the 25th.
Today’s was the 29th.

That’s 5 days, then 4 days.

If the theory is right, the next post (the 3 day delta) will land on the 2nd.

After that, the 2 day delta puts us at the 4th.

And then you have a one day delta landing us on the 5th…

It’s an interesting theory. Let’s see how it plays out.

POTUS is in Argentina for the G20 for the next couple days.

Despite my frustration with some of these recent posts, I’m still very much excited for what’s about to unfold next week. In the meantime, I’m praying for POTUS and #FLOTUS, and everyone involved with these monumental movement. Even if I don’t completely understand these drops, it still feels like we’ve turned a corner. So expect things to get very interesting, very fast!

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