Your Frustration is THEIR TORMENT! #MercenaryPropagandists like @Travis_View @rothschildmd @WillSommer @JaredlHolt @jordanuhl WILL FAIL! #NewQ


from Neon Revolt:

I’ll be honest: I wasn’t sure how to begin this article.

I went back and forth for a few days; wrote a few thousand words up and and then tossed it because, somehow, I wasn’t getting to the heart of what I was trying to communicate.

I think it’s safe to say almost all #QPatriots have been experiencing a lot of frustration over the past week or so, in the wake of the Midterms and 11/11.

It’s beyond frustration, actually. It’s moved into the territory of despair, as we watch those who hate us – who wish nothing but death and destruction upon our heads – seemingly succeeding across multiple domains simultaneously. Elections are being stolen. California is burning. And where is Q in all of this?!

I want to do something I don’t usually do, and start by asking my readers a few serious questions.

No, we’re not going to go over reasons for believing in Q again. I did that in the last article, so if you need to read something along those lines, go there; read that.

No, what I want to know is this:

Do you understand that we are at war?


The weight of that question falls upon me pretty keenly, considering we just went through Armistice day; a time of remembrance for the end of WWI; called “The Great War” at the time, because it was so savage and terrible, the world thought there would never be another war to match it, let alone supersede it.

To describe the battlefields of WWI as anything other than a human meat grinder is to not fully appreciate the depth of destruction that befell the continent of Europe.

And so again, I ask you, do you understand that we are, at this very moment, at war?

Do you believe that our enemies are real, and want nothing for us than utter ruination? That they’ll stop at nothing to see our lives extinguished and our children enslaved?

Do you believe that brave men and women have already sacrificed their lives in fighting what are, perhaps, the greatest enemies this nation, and indeed, the world, has ever faced?

You know our enemies’  capabilities. And what’s more, you know (thanks to Q), their intention for us.

You know what they would have done, had they retained power.

And now I ask you another question.

Would you rather settle, and live under their rule? Or do you believe that we deserve a fighting chance?

Something clicked in me these past few days. At first, I’ll be honest – I was feeling a bit like everyone else. A bit down. A bit underwhelmed. A bit disappointed.

And then I saw the behavior of our enemies.

I saw article after article shot across the web by what I’m now dubbing #MercenaryPropagandists, berating #QAnon and his followers; those “pathetic rubes” in fly-over country gullible enough to buy into all these conspiratorial horse-feathers. “You know the type,” I could almost hear them saying between the lines, barely able to keep their smug insinuation and sense of (nearly) unbridled self-satisfaction contained. had a particularly keen beef with Voat, citing, literally, some random nerd with little-to-no following (and little-to-no screen presence) named of Mike Rothschild, who literally just repeats mainstream pablum so boring, so trite, and so smug, of course it’s going to get recycled in some half-arsed blog for clickbait:

And on the subject of Mr. Rothschild, I’ll say this much: I don’t think the 90-lb dweeb is connected to the actual Rothschild family. He’s just an unwatchable gangly smarm-machine with literally no other talents, getting attention for no other reason right now other than he’s repeating the things the Media Masters want people to hear, like he’s some kind of authority on the subject.

He’s not, and he’ll go down in history as such.

The point I’m trying to make is that he was shilling pretty hard against Voat, and then taking one or two random shill posts (which literally any one of the 2+ billion people with internet connectivity in the world could have posted), and presenting them as representative of the whole community.

Fear-mongering nonsense, instantly transmuted into Clickbait Gold! Gold, I tell ya!

But then I saw this announcement over on Voat by the site’s administrator/owner:


Now everyone here knows the transition to Voat was anything but smooth, but transition we did.  If you’ve been around for any length of time, you know how much heat I took for that, and the constant stream of downvoats that eventually came my way, effectively censoring and crippling my account there.

And then one day, before this announcement, I logged in and ALL my negative account points were erased. Just, gone. Deleted from my account.

I had to come to the conclusion that, in order to try and stop my efforts there, my efforts to direct people to the right mod team, the right subverse, #TheCaballeveraged an entire botnet against me and against the larger community to disrupt and sow discord at every possible turn.

I’ll give them this: it worked for a bit.

But in the end, we beat them at their own game.

We BROKE their botnet.

And I will say this: I encourage the folks who enjoyed and utilized /r/GreatAwakening to hop on over to /v/QRV because the quality of the content is really improving – especially as this botnet has now been effectively wiped out. And more participation there is only going to make it better and better and better!

But the larger point I’m trying to make here is that I spent enough time living in #Obamaland.

I don’t know about you, but I’m DONE playing by their rules and accepting their terms, like they’re somehow welcome at the table. They don’t get to censor us any more. They don’t get to tell us how to think, or how to speak, or what to read or write. They don’t get to SHAME us into conformity, just because they’re beholden to their favorite political idols and blinded by that near-religious devotion to moronic “progressive” ideals.

No, what grew in me today – and I think some of you may have observed it on gab – but what grew in me today was a righteous anger.

To see how these people scheme and manipulate; to see how they work every day to actively shame good, hard-working, honest people…

Well, let’s just say I’m adopting something of a take-no-prisoners approach with my writing from here on out. And again, because these people are so dishonest, they’ll take anything out of context to distort it into a “call-for-violence,” or “extremist rhetoric,” I disavow all violence and violent acts. I disavow.

Oh, but I will gladly take every single last one of these dishonest #MercenaryPropagandists to task for the harm they are inflicting on this nation, and I will personally make sure the nation never forgets until 1) they all post deep, heartfelt apologies recanting their former deceit, AND 2) delete their twitter/gab/mastodon/instagram accounts.

Those are my terms. And I’m letting them know this up front, because they are going to have to conform to them.


Because I won’t be the only one who’s angry.

I’m just the herald of that #RighteousAnger they will ALL experience when the entire world learns the truth. They will NEVER live this down, until they recant, apologize, and delete.

And I’m SO GLAD to see other #Anons starting to feel the same way; starting to really feel that same righteous anger bubbling up inside of them.

I’m reposting something #Anon wrote the other day on the research boards here, because it really gets at the heart of things:

We, Q and Anons, are Their cruel and unusual punishment.

I am regularly and repeatedly frustrated and discouraged when the plan doesn’t proceed according to my understanding/expectations. I occasionally lose faith in the entire operation, and I find myself embarrassed for predictions and explanations I have offered to friends and family. It can make me incredibly depressed at times, as I start to question everything I think I know about the world.

Have I been “had”? Am I being manipulated? Am I more susceptible to brainwashing than I believed I was? What nefarious ulterior motives am I assisting? Have I wasted a very good chunk of the past year of my life?

I always come back to this board, however. I come back, not because I have “faith”, but because I have seen too much for any other explanation (besides the explanation offered on this board) to make sense. Clearly, there are gaps in our understanding. That said, we have the biggest, clearest picture a semi-layman will find anywhere on earth.

So why am I venting my feelings? Because I know that They have them too! We live in a country where cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed (thankfully). But we all know that death and eternal humiliation are far too comfortable of an end for the truly evil people that have been running this country/world. So let’s torture them a bit – oh wait, we can’t. Not in the traditional sense, at least.

I believe that this whole operation is certainly about “taking them down”. Evidence is being gathered for their past crimes, and as many anons have speculated, perhaps new crimes are required due to secret pardoning by Obama upon his leaving office.

But I believe that Q and anons are playing another vital role in this operation as well. WE ARE THEIR CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!!!

When Q says “Panic in DC”, we aren’t just talking about “oh, darn, things aren’t going according to plan” for these people. We are talking about shear, unfathomable terror on their part. This terror that they are experiencing isn’t quite on par with the terror that they instilled in their victims, but it is the next best thing.

These people know what is coming for them. And we play an important part in reminding them. We send them memes constantly and we chant at rallies. They know we are waking the public up. It is absolutely terrifying for them. POTUS does a great job of taunting them on the daily, as well.

I know most of you have seen how Obama has greyed in his hair over the last couple years. You’ve seen him bumbling and stammering like a pathetic madman at rallies during the midterms. THIS IS HIS CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!!!

So the next time you feel disappointed or let down that things haven’t gone as you expected with regards to the plan, take solace in the fact that They just got a small glimmer of hope in their hearts – only to be cruelly ripped away from them again. YOUR FRUSTRATION IS THEIR TORMENT!!!

In this case, justice is a process, not an event. Their punishment is being implemented right this very moment.

They WILL be imprisoned, they WILL be executed. They will be humiliated for all of eternity, and YOU WILL BE VINDICATED. In the meantime, enjoy this moment as much as they are hating it. You deserve to enjoy their punishment after all they have done to our society. So start enjoying it. Enjoy your moments of frustration and second-guessing. Enjoy the embarrassment you feel when your predictions to family and friends don’t pan out. Enjoy the rage you feel when you see known criminals smiling on TV still. Enjoy it because THIS, MY FRIENDS, IS THEIR CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT!

So this brings me to my last question.

Do you believe we can win?

The #MercenaryPropagandists certainly don’t want you to believe that. Why, they’d rather have you believe pretty much ANYTHING other than that.

And like the anonymous shills you’ve encounterd on the boards and Voat, they all have their favorite tactics. Yup, they break out “ol’ reliable” whenever they feel the urge to score a few “points.”

Take #RaitTailTravis’ (who I’ve since redubbed #TapwaterTravis – switching back to the old name because I like it better) favorite, go-to tactic. He likes to talk on and on about all of QAnon’s “failed” predictions (without really ever mentioning what they are – outside of there being “a lot” of them).

Here’s a sampling from his twitter profile:


I could show you a bunch of posts along these lines, and really, it’s nothing you haven’t heard rehashed a million times from deep within the bowels of the internet armchair “skeptic/atheist/neckbeard” community before. (Stick a banana in it, and you would practically have a Truetube-ready video).

Aaaaaaanyway, #TapwaterTravis’ would have a leg to stand on… if his premises weren’t so immediately idiotic. In it, he assumes a couple things about Q’s efforts that are just… flat out wrong.

What are these premises?

1) That there’s no possible way Q could be true; therefore, it’s just an elaborate LARP.

They say this, despite the well-known fact that Trump has operated on the Chans for a very long time, and the Chans being a home for Trump support online. Is it that far of a stretch to think that MILINT would harness the power of this community? But this is more to write about these Journalists’ inherent bias than anything else. Because no one has done anything like this before, they assume that there’s no way it would be done by Trump.

Because… you know… he’s so the kind to be behold to these “norms” of behavior. He totally fits the mold out of which every President before him has been cast.

2) That Q is trying to predict the future. You know, like some kind of Zoltar cabinet at the county fair.

This is ridiculous. Q never claimed to be able to make exact predictions – especially on citizens’ timetables. Oh sure, there’s a lot of expectation and hope in the community that such-and-such would happen by X date… but that kind of prediction rarely comes from Q himself.

Q is a military operation responding to real threats, in real-time, world-wide. Any “predictions” made need to be understood within that context of action-response-action-response. So, for instance, one thing these AntiQuated folks like to harp on is Q’s “failed” Kavanaugh vote confirmation prediction of 53 – 47, when in reality it came in at 51 – 49.

Forget the fact that, yes, Kavanaugh was in fact approved by the Senate (at a time when it was unclear whether or not he would be).

It was because Q was “off” by two votes that shows… he’s just a LARP with no credibility whatsoever!

This belief is predicated upon another assumption these AntiQuated types make:

2) Q is “just” talking to regular Americans.

If Q is real, doesn’t it make sense that every single evil force in the world that Q is struggling against would be following his every word?

If I were the likes of #DiFiChiSpy, I’d be sitting up late at night, glued to my monitor, weak and teary-eyed from all the exhausting emotions and dread I’d be experiencing…



Moreover, if I were one of these evil actors, I’d be fighting Q, tooth and claw, every step of the way while I still could, using every dirty trick in the book I could… like lies, blackmail, intimidation…

The truth, however, is not as simple as this. Context matters. Understanding context matters. The context of #QAnon’s posts aren’t always immediately evident to us, the average American citizen. And that’s consistent with what we would expect if someone at a high level of government intelligence (someone aware of the lives at stake, and aware of evil people listening in) was trying to communicate publicly with the average citizen.

Anyway, since Travis likes to go on and on about failed predictions, I figured we would take a look today at one of his failed predictions today.

I found this interview #TapwaterTravis gave to this irrelevant, wannabe-NPR-styled podcast (hosted by #SorosRentBoy @JaredlHolt – more on that in a bit) about, what else, #QAnon:

And in it, Travis makes a bold prediction. See, he likes to go on and on about Q’s “failed” predictions, so let’s talk about one of Travis’ today:

At 43:08:

Interviewer: “Have you seen anything else that sort of clues us in to sort of the fanaticism? Because my impression is that, you know, QAnon has made these various predictions ofr things that would happen on specific dates that didn’t come through. They were very hyped about the Military Parade which is on delay at the moment, thanks to D.C. Government. You know, I feel like this is sort of pushing people to extremes. Have you seen any other examples of sort of the extremes that people who are following this conspiracy theory and oftentimes dedicating hours of their day-

Travis: -Yeah.

Interviewer: -to quote-unquote “researching” the, uh, tenacity of these claims have pushed themselves to?

Travis: Yeah, I mean, that- that’s sort of, uh, the other concerning thing – is that, they may not explicitly say that, you know, they’re willing to die, but they sometimes talk about, like, the massive investment and sacrifice they’re making into this insane conspiracy theory, in the sense of the number of hours they spend talking about it; they’ll talk about how they go late into the night doing decodes, or researching, or what they call “digs,” which is, you know, a deep-dive into a particular subject, and you know, and you look at the uh- a-or-a-uh, it sometimes even hurts relationships. People talk about how it hurt their relationship with their spouse or their fmaily, and how it would make them more – a little bit more isolated and, that’s also kind of dangerous. Because when these people whoa re really super into Q are already pretty isolated. And when they get even more isolated to the extent that the Q community is all they ahve, then, you know, thats’ kind of concerning.

Interviewer: So, what do you see for the future of this?

Travis: Uhhehuh, you know… This is- This is really… I mean, ugheugh – the-the parallel I make is with Pizzagate. And from the sense- In the sense that, uhm, it’s- I wrote, I wrote an article for, uhm, for uh Ark Digital Media and it sort of talks about how this just this is like a carb- this is just a copy of Pizzagate, but, like BIGGER and everything’s more elaborate. And if we’re going to sort of assume that, uh, that what happened with Pizzagate is alsogoing to happen with QAnon, then… what we’re gonna see is that the CRAZIEST CLAIMS that are gonna happen about a week before the coming election. Cause that’s what happened with Pizzagate. In Pizzagate, the most bonkers stuff, which was like Spirit-Cooking, and allegations that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were, you know, devil worshipers, and they participated in Satanic rituals – those popped up just four days before the 2016 election. Uhm… As like, I’m not saying, I-uh-I don’t know if this, ah-e-uh- well… If we’re gonna say that what happened with Pizzagate is also gonna happen with Q, with QAnon, then we can sort of assume that the craziest, most bizarre claims are yet to come.

So what actually happened with Q’s posts during that time?

He told us he wasn’t in violation of the Hatch act, that Democrats had a volatile history of racism, that Democratic voter fraud largely relied on illegal immigration, he linked to a bunch of people donning Q gear, he told everyone to vote and meme, and he said that there would probably be a bunch of angry AntiFa mobilizing soon…

Which, they did, when they doxxed a bunch of Conservative pundits, and swarmed Tucker Carlson’s house.

(Amazing how that somehow doesn’t count as a successful #QPrediction in Travis’ fluoridated brain. Why, it barely garners nary a mention on his timeline).

But hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I wonder how Travis feels about his prediction now, in light of this tweet he made over a year ago?

Gonna gloss over your own big miss here, now, Travis? Or maybe, somehow, when you do it, it doesn’t count.

(By the way, I like how you COMPLETELY AVOIDED the massive #QConfirmation today. Surely you’re aware of it, Travis. You spend sOoOOooOooOoOo much time on the boards and immersed in Q world, after all. You couldn’t have missed it).

But seriously, folks, do you see the pattern here?

Not only does Travis not have to hold himself to the standard he deems necessary for others (read: hypocrisy of the highest order) but he gets to inject FEAR FEAR FEAR into the narrative for MONTHS – and he never gets to be held accountable for it.

In fact, NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY RESEMBLING Travis’ bold prediction took place.

Yet he felt justified spouting off at the time, and gets tapped by the like of Bezos’ rag to bloviate about how dangerous people who believe in unfounded ideas are.

That’s because the TRUTH has no bearing on what these people do. They have no interest whatsoever in pursuing the Truth. The #QMovement is, at its most basic and fundamental, a research movement. And has any one of these clowns ever even bothered to try and accurately represent that?

No, they distort facts and inject fear and terrorize the average American with disinfo – because that’s what they’re paid to do.

And the thing is, folks – you can’t actually expect these #MercenaryPropagandists to ever give up; not as long as the rent checks keep coming in and they’re willing to suppress their conscience.

Why, they’re even branching out with their efforts:

Well now, isn’t that interesting? A WHOLE PODCAST dedicated to debunking QAnon!


I’m sure we can expect this to be a totally honest and critical look at the QAnon Phenomenon, right?

Well, let’s look at those names #TapwaterTravis mentioned:

Jared Holt is our #SorosRentBoy; the one who interviewed Travis in that other podcast linked earlier in the article. He also works for Right Wing Watch.

Right Wing Watch is owned by People For the American Way (which is a 501(c)(4) lobbying group… which means it doesn’t have to disclose its donors.

However, People For the American Way is heavily funded by George Soros’ Open Society, which has poured millions into the group since its founding.

Holt’s salary LITERALLY comes directly from #Soros’ pool of money.


You’ll recall that Will Sommer manufactured this distorted screed a few months ago:

And as it says in his profile, he writes for The Daily Beast. Just yesterday, he produced this mess:

And like the #90LbDweeb before him, Sommer dishonestly takes one random post online, claims its representative of the larger community, and uses it as a means to discredit the entire movement.

Really, Will, anyone who isn’t lobotomized across 4 intersecting planes knows the DEW posts have been shill slides. Heck, even the GUY YOU QUOTED said he was just memeing – a fact you quickly mention in one line at the VERY END of the article, after presenting the whole thing as though he was being serious.

Yeah, Will is a grade-A-A-hole. Just take a moment to peruse his “curriculum vitae:”

Beyond that, it should come as no surprise to anyone here that The Daily Beast is owned by IAC, and the Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of IAC.

Another #SorosRentBoy – this one works directly for

You might even call him the “Chief Propagandist” for Soros, considering his role there:

God, I swear I have more testosterone flowing through my veins than all FIVE of these #MercenaryPropagandists put together. Look at what a bunch of weak, little liars we have here. The deserve a name, I think.

How about the #MildBunch!

And all that’s to say that THESE are the #Soysapiens they’re sending after you, in order to terrorize, demonize, and demoralize you. THESE are the laughstock #Estronauts who they’re sending to intellectually intimidate you.

It’s laughable. It’s an utterly laughable tactic.

But the only way it ends is if YOU stand up and call out their hypocrisy and their lies and distortions.

Remember that #RighteousAnger I was talking about?

Yeah, get yourself some.

Then channel, direct, and focus it.

Why I’m STILL the only major pro-QAnon guy calling these reprehensible  con artists out is beyond me. It’s time for YOU all to step up. And yeah, I’m including the other BIG pro-Q names out there. Whatever medium you work in – be it text, on forums, through video or podcast – it’s time to start speaking out against these deceivers.

It’s not enough to just stick with trying to decipher Q and hoping the Military and Trump will just magically solve everything. It’s time to start going on the offensive in the war of ideas.

It’s time to start calling out the hypocrisy and double-standards on social media. These jackbooted crackerjacks think they enjoy a nice little bubble on social media – and especially on Twitter.

POP THAT BUBBLE and disabuse them of any and all illusions.

Hold them to a standard; use their own words against them – because they certainly aren’t going to hold themselves to any standard. No, no tactic is too low for them!

They are NOT the majority.

They never were.

And when this is all over, they will bend the knee.

Or they’ll never be able to find dignified work ever again, because EVERYONE in the country will know of their stupidity and their treachery.

So to answer my earlier question… Do you believe we can win?

Oh my friends, I believe we can do so much more than win.

I believe we ARE already winning, and we will send anyone who attempts to oppose us running for the hills with the tail tucked between their legs.


Can you believe all that was just the wind-up?

I’ve still gotta do the #NEWQ posts from earlier in the week!

And to do that, I’ve got to go back to 11.11 – the day of great anticipation.

First post of the day was an explainer post. You’ll recall that Trump wasn’t able to show up at a particular Armistice Day celebration in France, and that it was blamed on the weather grounding his helicopter.

Yeah, nah. It was an assassination threat he was dodging.

And this was the post that Q had been hyping for the longest time. Sessions stepped down. Whitaker took his place, and now, as a placeholder, it was his turn to act.

There was also some speculation that the [L] here referred to this maneuver by Air Force One, upon returning from overseas:

Anons noticed it flew right over the crash site of Trump’s #Arkancide’d friend, JFK Jr.

Either way, whether this was the L reference or not, this was certainly a terrifying signal to #TheCabal.

In all honesty, I don’t believe any Anons actually found any specific answers to Q’s specific questions here, regarding blank ballots. But I think Q’s larger point is clear: there’s massive, ongoing election fraud, and they can prove it.

#Bezos and his #MercenaryPropagandists would prefer you to think otherwise:

In the meantime, however, after a protracted week of recounts and electoral nonsense, both Gillum and Abrams were forced to concede their respective elections – so there’s been some good news on that front. We don’t need more radical communists running states like Florida and Georgia.

You know, I feel like anything I could add here would just be trite. So I’ll leave you with Q’s words for this post.

And after this, came the indictments:

Now, this was a lot. We all know there are an absolute ton of sealed indictments right now, but to see Q now naming some of them, and what they covered…

Well, the consensus on this seemed to be that Q was having Whitaker (the placeholder) start the unsealing process.

Now, I’m no legal expert but I’m not sure we’ll see any real “evidence” of this having taken place until AFTER some high profile arrests take place. (After all, there’s a reason these indictments are sealed in the first place: to prevent runners).

But even the normies are starting to sit up and take notice that somethingdifferent is going on:


Q heavily signalling here that Trey Gowdy will take over as AG…

Ratcliffe, Gowdy join list of potential attorney general picks

Congressmen, confidantes and TV commentators are among those being considered by the White House.


But, in all fairness, Q’s been talking about that for while now.

Yeah, I’m gonna mark this down as one of the biggest #QProofs on the planet if this actually goes down.

And it’s gonna get a big, fat #QPredictedThis hashtag in the title, too!

Then can more orders for Whitaker.

I really want to see the fully unredacted OIG report soon.

Dems didn’t have a #BlueWave. They had a #CrimeWave instead, when they stole some seats.

Don’t worry, I believe Trump and the DHS allowed them to make the moves they made in order to bring them all to justice – and then turn around and use it as a basis for passing a #VoterID law. There’s been a lot of talk about this all across the boards for some time now, and I’ve thrown a couple great threads up on Gab – but with Trump’s twitter post today, I have more reason than ever to believe this to be the case.

More on that in a moment.


You better believe we’re the biggest threat to #TheNarrative and #FakeNews.

It’s why I wrote that long diatribe before all this. It’s why I made you aware of not only who these people are, but how they’re coordinating and who they’re financed by.

You want to take back full control from these smug little dirtbags?

You can have it whenever you want. All it takes is a little bit of brains, and a lot of gall.

Why, I may even have to start some kind of podcast myself! Imagine, one random guy with a 90 dollar mic he already had sitting around, taking on the billions poured into the establishment by the likes of Soros! I may have to get a few of you guys on the show, too (If – and that’s a big if – I go down this route!)

Bill Mitchell has long followed all the numbers behind the polling and elections, and tweeted something similar to this post out earlier the same day. And you know what? He was absolutely right!

I can’t wait for the day when Bill #TheEternalBoomer (and I say that with much love) Mitchell gets onboard the #QTrain.

Hey, if I start a podcast, maybe I’ll have to have HIM on!

And then came the last post we saw from Q.

This landed at a time when many were feeling pretty despondent – and the #MercenaryPropagadists wasted no time capitalizing on that.

In fact, #TapwaterTravis had been capitalizing on Q’s “error” for the longest time:

See, #TapwaterTravis had been sowing discord and fear for well over a month at this point. He didn’t want anyone to take a closer look at this. He didn’t want anyone to wait patiently and see what would come of it.

No, he wanted you to dismiss it as “wrong” and leave it in the dust!

But then…

OH, but then!

Then came the tweet:


Not only did Q call the results of the Midterm election over a MONTH in advance, but this shows definitively and undeniably a remarkable level of planning and coordination with #POTUS himself.

I said it before, but it’s not any one proof that has me believing in Q right now. It’s the preponderance of evidence that just keeps stacking up that has me knowingbeyond a shadow of a doubt that all this is real.

And an earlier version of this tweet even had a missing [h] in it, which was itself a reference to an earlier Q post:

Full Size:

This IS Military planning at its finest, folks. This tells me that, even with the “loss” of the House, this was known and planned for – and not only that – but that everything is proceeding according to #ThePlan.

Rest easy, guys.

Abandon hopelessness and despondency.

Our cause is Righteous, and we are WINNING.

And start channeling some of that #RighteousAnger in the right direction. #TheCabal is terrified of your power and influence, and no amount of #MercenaryPropagandists they throw your way will stop the TRUTH from coming out before all.

They’ll just end up looking more the fool than they already do, and you will be vindicated!

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