WATCH: Migrants Storm US-Mexico Border, Rubber Bullets Fired by Border Control


from Sputnik News:

Video footage recorded in Tijuana, in the Baja California state of Mexico, show hundreds of Central American migrants attempting to storm the US border while being repelled by US Border Control.

Several video clips uploaded online on Sunday show Central American migrants attempting to force their way into US territory by storming the border at Tijuana after the US closed the border checkpoint between the Mexican city and San Diego, California.

The section of the border the migrants are attempting to cross is reinforced with an actual wall. One video clip shows migrant trying to slip into a gap in the wall, as some try to pry the gap wider.

The video shows the crowd of migrants disperse momentarily after US Border Control personnel fire what appears to be rubber bullets. It appears that all perpetrators who already slipped through the gap have been forced back by the Border Control. The description of one video clip claims that tear gas has been applied from the US side of the border.

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