So For All The Idiocy in Florida….


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

We now have two heavily-democrat counties that refused to report recount results because they led to the Republican candidates gaining — instead of losing — votes.

In one case (Hillsboro) they claimed the total ballot count was lower.  How does that happen unless precinct workers scanned certain ballots twice but when recounted, of course, there was only one!

In the other vote counts were arguably intentionally reported late — by 3 minutes — to avoid Rick Scott, the Republican, gaining some 700-odd votes.

So the “recounts” didn’t go the way the Democrats expected — and wanted.  But they did expose what looks like outright fraud.

Then there is an actual criminal complaint — against Democrats.

“Making or using an altered form is a criminal offense under Florida law,” wrote Bradley McVay, the state department’s lawyer.

The claims brought forth by the Department of State focus on altered dates on official forms used to fix mailed absentee ballots, known as “cure affidavits.” Those forms were due by 5 p.m. Nov. 5, a day before the election.

Who handed altered forms out?  Democrat Party volunteers.

When elections aren’t close fraud doesn’t matter.  But when they are it certainly does.

The simple reality is that in an election it matters not if you win by one vote or one million.  You still won and the other person lost.

Speaking of such, in Georgia the Democrat candidate for Governor lost.  But she has not only refused to concede (despite the results now being certified) she’s promised to sue, even though suing can’t change the outcome at this point in time.

Is this any different than Hillary’s defeat and the reaction to same?


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