Massive Fireball Lights Up Gaza Sky As Israel Destroys Hamas TV Station


from ZeroHedge:

update: Hours after an Israeli bus was struck by Hamas mortar fire from Gaza, resulting in injuries, which was accompanied by a massive exchange of fire involving 100 rockets and Iron Dome defense response fire, Israeli jets have bombed the studios of Hamas’s television station in the Gaza Strip.

According to Reuters the massive airstrike was preceded by “warning” phone calls non-exploding missile “taps” from the Israeli military for locals to evacuate the the building housing Al-Aqsa Television — the official broadcast station operated by Hamas. News of casualties was not immediately forthcoming, but the strike produced a massive fireball captured through local video and eyewitness reports.

Massive fireball is seen above the Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV station in Gaza City. Image source: AFP

Unconfirmed local reports cited at least 8 missiles scoring a direct hit on the Hamas broadcast headquarters.

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