Major FL clinic at children’s hospital now refuses all unvaccinated kids


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

Myself and many others have been warning that what has happened in California could happen on a larger scale. That’s why I worked so hard to #CanPan. If you are a parent you simply MUST know your rights as they pertain to vaccines and if you live in a state where your rights are erroding you’ve either got to move or have a plan.

Below is an image of an alleged letter that’s being sent to parents of children who see doctors from the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine clinic in Sarasota, Florida. It seems that beginning on November 1st they stopped serving unvaccinated children- including those with religious exemptions or alternative vaccine schedules.

Apparently the clinic will give people 90-days to comply or find another doctor. And many are now wondering if “…the hospital will now refuse children with autoimmune diseases, or children compromised in ways that prevent them from getting a vaccine.”1

To clarify, only the clinic will refuse to see the unvaccinated.

But, as one of our readers commented, “They’re getting desperate. It’s a sign actually, that the paradigm IS shifting and people are waking up… they’re having to fight harder to hold onto the lie.” We couldn’t have said it better.

As in all things in life, the pendullum swings. It seems likely that at some point in the future it will swing back towards at least the middle; people will once again see the benefit of choice and stop being so terrified of things like Chicken Pox, but until that happens, we must educate ourselves and be prepared.

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