Liberal Democrats 2019 Agenda: Get Trump / Attack 2nd Amendment


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Liberal Democrats 2019 Agenda: Get Trump / Attack 2nd Amendment by Rory – The Daily Coin

If you remember all the lying two-faced politicians that Project Veritas exposed during the recent midterm elections it would appear they received their marching orders from on-high. The entire democratic agenda is to “get Trump” and eliminate the 2nd Amendment. This is now becoming very apparent with the statements made by Pelosi, Schumer and now, Richard Goodstein.

I can not stand Richard Goodstein. I find him dismissive and believe that he hurts Tucker Carlson’s good name ever time he appears on his show. His appearance on November 14 was no exception. Goodstein never once answers the questions Carlson ask and, in my opinion (speculation) Goodstein is deflecting, as ordered, to keep the 2nd Amendment agenda hidden from the masses. Goodstein only repeats that the “democrats want background checks”. Tucker finally reminds this empty suit that background checks are already in place. Richard ignores this and continues to spew on and on about “background checks”. This, in my opinion, is what he has been told to say.

The democrats can not come right out and say they are going to attack the 2nd Amendment, but they can say “new legislation is needed”, you know, for the children. Not the aborted children the democrats protect, but the children they must control once they are born.

Do Democrats want to disarm you?

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