[D]-Day Will Bring Down The House. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #PANICInDC


from Neon Revolt:

If you’ve been following me on Gab, you’ll know I have been working on a very large article for the past two days.

This is not that article.

#QAnon, as you’re already doubtlessly aware, came back last night, and created five drops, so I’ll be covering that right now, and continuing to work on the mega-article in the meantime, as well. (I estimate it taking me another day or two… but with ongoing research, we’ll see. It’s already past 10,000 words, so I anticipate it being the size of a small [and hopefully riveting] novella by the time it’s wrapped up).

Oh, and this is a note for Q, or someone on QTeam. Hoping they read this.

I did what you asked and filed to FOIA request as per drop 2388:

And this is what I got back:

“Dear Mr. Revolt,” (KEK)

A big, fat goose egg.

And the only reason I even filed the request with the OSC in the first place was because this is what I was directed to do by the agency I initially filed with.

See, I had initially contacted the Office of Government Ethics through the FOIA system, thinking that had to be the right agency. Right?

NOPE! This is what they sent me:

So I say, okay, let me refile with the OSC.

And that was the letter I got back yesterday.

It took them TWO WHOLE WEEKS to say they didn’t have anything.

As nicely designed as the FOIA website looks, it’s a usability nightmare. It’s like being trapped in a digital DMV, and every attendant is busy looking at their instagram feeds, wishing they were somewhere else. All they do is bounce you from wrong station to wrong station, and get uppity when you ask them where to go.

God, I hate Government Bureaucracy.

So screw it. If you guys want to send me the correct info, you have my email in your FOIA system.

Anyway, let’s get into #NewQ drops:

First up, here’s the link Q provided:

[D]’s in the killbox on December 5th, according to Q.

Looks like that’s #DDay.

And really think for a moment about what Huber could say about the Clinton Foundation.

Think about all the money laundering, all the pay-to-play, all the private email server misuse that could come out as a result of his testimony.

And this of where that inevitably leads.

The Unredacted OIG report.

The end of the Special Counsel Investigation.

The Unredacted FISA.

And FISA brings down the house, remember.

Dominoes, one after the other!

(And does his testimony also include information about election fraud? If not, Homeland Security still has to issue their report on foreign interference by the 22nd anyway. We’ve got multiple agencies working on multiple fronts here. I imagine Huber is aware of this, and will help DHS substantiate their claims in the end. Either way, the result is the same).

Most of the Dems just elected (or re-elected) during Midterms are NEVER going to be able to take their oath of office. The remaining Republicans aren’t playing games any more, and they aren’t going to be blackmailed into submission and passivity this time around.

And I posted these on Gab a few days ago, but it’s worth revisiting. Just look at the numbers to get an idea of what could be coming:

I wouldn’t be surprised if upwards of 50 Dems were swept up in this kind of investigation.

Anyway, #DDay is two weeks from now, as of this writing, and with everything else planned out, it’s looking like it’s going to be a very Merry Christmas indeed!

And while we’ve all seen this video dozens of times by now:

I took a screenshot of the view count about an hour after Q dropped his post:

A few hours later, this is what it read:

Not bad!

I’m going to embed Lisa Mei’s tweet here, because it has two images you can view, inside of the tweet itself:

The nice part about controlling a majority of the Senate means we now control a majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee – which means Dems can’t hold up things anymore with their numbers.

Essentially, we can steamroll them in committee.

Oh, and it looks like Graham will be taking over for Grassley. Bet your bottom dollar on it:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senator Chuck Grassley said on Friday he will relinquish his job as U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman next year, creating a coveted vacancy atop a panel that reviews judicial nominations and was among those examining Russia’s role in U.S. elections.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a former skeptic toward President Donald Trump who in recent months has become one of his fiercest supporters, has publicly stated his interest in becoming Judiciary Committee chairman in the event of a vacancy.

And note this line at the end of the article:

Graham on Thursday met with Matthew Whitaker, who Trump named as acting attorney general after ousting Jeff Sessions last week. Whitaker, who has assumed authority over the Mueller probe, told Graham he was comfortable with the ongoing investigation, the senator said.

Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

#AscendedGraham just keeps on Ascending!

I look forward to seeing what he will do in the future!

It’s temping to just laugh at RR in this scenario:


It’s worth noting that the “dog” might be a signal here:

But I was curious about those “special articles” inserted by RR.

Here’s the original press release:

For the longest time, I couldn’t find anything on these “special articles” because the DOJ website is a broken mess… which, I’m not going to get in to here.

Thankfully, one MAGICAL #Anon found it.

I don’t know how found it, I wish I knew how, but he actually found it…


It’s hard to tell, because so much is redacted:

Anyway, point is, RR is restrained.

White hat? Black hat?

It doesn’t matter at this point. He has to be restrained in either scenario before the Special Counsel investigation is shut down for good!

Recall that Haberman is a Clinton Crony/Deep State Hack. We covered her aaaaaaaalllllllllllllllll the way back in April, because her name appeared in the Podesta Leaks in a particularly damning e-mail:

#QAnon Drops Some MOABS with the Help of… Kanye West? Secret Obama Twitter Revealed? #NewQ #GreatAwakening
#QAnon Drops Some MOABS with the Help of… Kanye West? Secret Obama Twitter Revealed? #NewQ#GreatAwakening

Q’s posting a ton. I love it, but at the same time, its difficult to keep up. Don’t stop on my sake, Q. Apologies to my readers for how late this is: Start with Trump’s tweets thi…


That said… the context for Q’s post here really isn’t clear. I saw it suggested that he’s saying 3 people at the FBI and 1 person at the DOJ are nervous… but I’m not certain that’s the correct interpretation.

This might not be a message intended for us…

Still, #Anon had a very interesting theory, but it’s one that requires me to back up a bit and give some context (if you missed my earlier Gab post on the subject).

Ya see, #Anons were re-evaluating the significance of 11.11.18 today, and they realized that 11.11.18 was part of a range of IP’s linked to the DoD… in Franklin, Ohio:

So Anon sees the OH (which, on the surface, only means “overheard) and Q reference (Q-train intercom) in the post, and puts 2 and 2 together:

Not a bad theory, if you ask me.

Heavy flak as we approach the target, yes:

Yup, you can bet the dems and the Deep State will be throwing up whatever they can on the way to D5, hoping to discredit Whitaker and derail the investigation.

But I trust that Q and #POTUS have planned for every eventuality. There was no way they didn’t know this was coming.

Like Anon said:

And I know – I KNOW a lot of you are at your wits end waiting to see some substantial progress on this front – but hang in there. Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your friends and families, and remember not to take this time for granted, as we focus on wrapping up this year.

Good things are coming and they can’t be stopped!

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