The Democratic Party’s Unfolding Coup Against Trump Dramatically Parallels Hitler’s Rise to Power-Stunning and Undeniable!


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Modestly, I recall some comments from some of our followers in which I have been asked if I have some kind of crystal ball. The answer is “of course not”. However, I do know my history and our country is traveling down a very familiar road. The parallels of how Hitler came to power, murdered the opposition and used a major false flag to consolidate power along with the establishment of state sponsored genocide, is present in today’s American political landscape.

I may not have a crystal ball, but I do the play book of the globalists. They are following, almost to the letter, what the Nazis did to take over the German government over seven decades ago. And it makes sense when one considers the fact that DHS was created by the head of the East German Stasi, Marcus Wolfe. And the leader of the violent Democratic Party action groups (eg Antifa) is the creation of a former Nazi collaborator, George Soros.

History Speaks Will America Listen?

On September 27, 2018, I wrote the following:

The GOP is afraid of its own shadow. They are afraid to investigate illegal alien voter fraud because of the backlash from the left. And these fears are well-founded. First, we witnessed Sarah Huckabee Sanders being refused service. Now, this leftist harassment has grown to the point where Senator Ted Cruz and his wife had to literally run from the threat of physical danger. Assassinations are next.

Within four days, this observation culminated in the realization that we are ready to see an “open season” on conservatives, all conservatives.

A Conversation with Mike Adams

Mike Adams and myself had a lengthy conversation which turned into an interview which will be released soon. I want to highlight and isolate a small portion of our conversation.

Ironically, Mike and myself were working on the same exact specific issue at the same exact time. I wrote a fictional account of a successful coup against President Trump. In the fictional account,  Kavanaugh was assassinated and the Hodges family was hauled off to a FEMA camp when it came time to eliminate resistance to the new regime as it consolidated power.

On the other hand, and on the same day, Mike Adams wrote about how assassination was going to be the centerpiece of short-term political change. Mike documented the doxxing of Republicans supporting Trump and the Kavanaugh nomination. Presumably, Rep. Maxine Waters released the home addresses of key conservative Republicans. And of course, Left wing Democratic Socialists, led by the modern-day Goebbels, George Soros, were advocating for the assassination of these public figures in social media, most notably on Twitter. And I might add, the social media tech giants were fine with the content and the threats were not met with censorship or any form of disapproval. The social tech giants are acting like the Nazis prior to Hitler’s takeover. They are tolerating threats from the left against conservative politicians and conservative talk show hosts. History has been down this road before.

Please allow me to be clear. When Mike Adams mentioned doxxing, he is clearly referring to the creation of a kill list. The radical left is pursuing a political strategy that has occurred before and it fits hand in glove with the rise of the Nazi Party.

Pleases allow me to quote a socialist version of history regarding how Hitler came to power and intersperse the socialist version of history with contemporary parallels. The comparisons are both stunning and frightening. From the quarterly review Journal named International Socialism:

Brutal attacks and murders of well-known anti-fascist activists followed immediately after Hitler’s ascension to power.

Editor’s Note: The Deep State dominance, the shadow government if you will, is the equivalent of Hitler rising to power. Where does one think the former Nazi collaborator, George Soros, got the idea for the creation of the violent radical group we call Antifa? Ms-13 are the assassins of choice for the drug cartels.


Why did Obama and his DHS allow MS-13 to gain a foothold in America? Draw your own conclusion, but the answer is obvious to anyone who has eyes to see. This validates both Mike Adams and the CSS’ position that political assassinations are very close.

Hit most quickly and most heavily by Nazi repression was the Communist Party (KPD). Nazi thugs stormed and closed the KPD headquarters, the Karl Liebknecht House, on 23 February 1933 and banned their newspaper, Die Rote Fahne, a few days later.

Editor’s note: In this parallel, the 1930’s Communists are the equivalent today’s conservative Republicans in that they are targeted by the left. Please note how the Nazis used censorship and how it looks like and smells like what we are witnessing today where most people get their news which is the now heavily censored Internet. In this analogy, the Communists became the endangered species of the 1930’s while today, conservative Republicans and talk show hosts fill that role. I have no doubt, that radical left is coming for us. 

The burning of parliament on 27 February was used to justify yet another wave of terror against the left.

Editor’s Note: Also note how a major false flag event was used to justify the solidification of political power. This lies in our immediate future should the Democratic Socialist Party seize control of the House and/or the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections. A major false flag will be perpetrated and conservative forces, just like the 1930’s Communists will be blamed. Thus, will begin the greatest and most murderous purge in American history. 

Over 1,500 Communists were arrested that night in Berlin alone. Unable to fit so many political prisoners into the existing prison system, the Nazis erected the first concentration camps during this wave of repression.

Editor’s note: Please note that the original use of the concentration camps was to kill off the political opposition, not to murder the Jews. That came later. And some wonder why the CSS dedicates so much attention to the nature of FEMA camps. Please take note of how history demonstrates how the new Nazi regime sought to consolidate power by the construction of the 1930’s version of FEMA camps. This is exactly how the left will bring FEMA camps into existence. On the CSS, I used to interview Larry Grathwohl about Bill Ayers and his Communist organization the Weatherman Underground. My listeners learned that the Weatherman Underground and Obama benefactor, Bill Ayers, told the late FBI Special informant, Larry Grathwohl who had penetrated the Weatherman, that when they won control of the government, “the Weatherman would have to imprison 50 million Americans and kill over 25 million of them”. By the way, Bill Ayers is now working on the Calexit plan for California to exit the Union as a protectorate of the United Nations. Of course, the purpose of doxxing and subsequent assassination is to intimidate the political opposition and to create huge gaps in opposition leadership that can be exploited. Mike Adams and myself feel that this will culminate in a purge of conservatives in leadership positions. In fact, in the past week, both Maxine Waters and California Governor, Jerry Brown, made assassination threats against President Trump. 



I am certain that many are wondering what kind of false flag event will parallel the Reichstag fire? I will soon be releasing an interview I did with Paul Martin in which a clearer picture of the intent of the left is coming into view with regard to their choice of a false flag event(s).

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