PC Magazine deletes article about problems with 5G, and fires its author (John C. Dvorak from the No Agenda Show podcast)


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

John C. Dvorak from the No Agenda Show podcast wrote for PC Magazine for THIRTY YEARS. However, while he wrote extensively for the magazine, in August of this year he wrote a less than “PC” (pun intended!) article about the dangers of 5G (read it here) entitled, “The Problem With 5G”. Unhappy with what he wrote, the magazine fired him, removed his original content, then replaced it with some industry supported drivel (read that here). (Yikes, they really didn’t like what he had to say!)

And before you think that perhaps Dvorak’s work just wasn’t up to snuff, you can still find all his old columns- alive and active, here. It seems they just needed to silence his opinion. 

So, if you are curious about what 5G is and why’s it’s surrounded in controversy, check out the video below. (And maybe try to live as far away from it as possible.)

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