by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

Earlier this week I blogged about two articles that seemed to imply a kind of “connection” for my normal daily dose of high octane speculation. And today is no different, as Mr. C.S., Mr. S.D. and Mr. S.D.D. (two different people) shared two different articles, and once again, my suspicion meter is in the red zone. First, Mr. S.D.D. shared this one about a strange new malady appearing in infants around the country:

US Doctors Baffled As Rare Spinal Disease Spreads Across 22 States

US doctors baffled as rare spinal disease spreads across 22 states

When he sent this story, Mr. S.D.D. wondered if this had something to do with vaccines. Well, regular readers on this site know me well enough by now to know that I’m more than willing to crawl out to the end of the twig and speculate, and for my part, I’m willing to bet that it does. But that speculation requires a bit of clarification. I strongly suspect that it has to do not with this or that individual vaccine, but with the combined effects of the vaccine cocktails infants are now normally subjected to shortly after birth. These effects, so far as I know, have not been adequately studied, but it seems to me that such a response – which to my mind suggests an immuno-response – was to be expected eventually.

And that brings us to the story shared by Mr. C.S. and Mr. S.D.: https:


Here the implications are nothing less than totally murky, and totally dirty, and the clear implications point to some big players:

A number of holistic doctors in Florida, over 60 of them within one year, who have been found, killed or dead all have one common denominator. They had all found out that an enzyme protein was cancer causing and the protein with the name of Nagalese had been added to vaccines that had been given to humans and this is something that has been happening on a global scale.

Nagalese affects the immune system as it disables it and it has also been known to be the cause behind Type 2 diabetes. It was said that the doctors who discovered this were not being killed because they had found a cancer cure or were treating autism successfully, but they were killed because they had researched and found evidence that vaccines that had been injected into children had been causing cancer and autism crisis.

And if that isn’t enough, there’s this:

A 19-minute video clip has been put online with a lot of important information being said during the first 10 minutes of the video. The speaker in the video is Dr Ted Broer and he breaks the information about Nagalese in the video and he goes on to explain the findings of the doctors. Broer had broken into The Hagmann & Hagmann Report and it took an hour to get him on air as the show, which typically lasts three hours, had been taken down and all the lines they had tried to use kept on being disconnected, then servers were brought down. An hour later they connected with Dr. Broer and one of the first things he was heard saying was that he was not suicidal. It was said that he had been frightened that he would be taken out Hastings style before getting the opportunity to say what he had to say publicly. The short clip is him telling the story.

It was alleged that on three different dates in one month two doctors died on the very same day, which means six doctors in total who died in pairs over three different days. Many skeptics rolled their eyes at the first few deaths believing it to be no more than coincidence that they had all been doctors.

The article also notes that the Florida-based doctors had been planning to make their findings public, and the clear implication is that they had been permanently silenced before they could do so. Accepting the allegations as true for the sake of argument, in Dr. Broer’s case he clearly feared for his life.

Most regular readers of this site, who have been following it for a while, know that I have from time to time blogged about the “dead doctors”, and that I’m simply not buying that all of this is merely coincidental. The death of Dr. Timothy Cunningham of the CDC remains unsolved. A Canadian pharmaceutical businessman (with ties to the Clintons, incidentally) and his wife are found strangled to death near their swimming pool. Nor are all these deaths merely of “holistic” doctors, but quite a few “normal” physicians have died under suspicious circumstances(think of Dr. Cunningham once again). And most of these have one thing in common: they were either involved in some way with vaccines, or with cancer oncology, or both.

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