by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

Only 13 days to the mid-term elections. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings were a disaster for the Soros led left wing lunatics. The blue wave was turning into the blue puddle. Trump’s poll ratings were the highest of his presidency. The dimocrats had been a shoe in to take back the House by flipping 30 or 40 seats. But, you could sense by the tone of the left wing propaganda media, things had changed. Trump’s legions were motivated. Moderates were leaning right due to the hysterics of the left wingers in trying to stop Kavanaugh. Even blacks are moving toward Trump.

So with their dreams of regaining the House slipping away, there suddenly appeared a horde of 8,000 Hondurans heading thousands of miles for the U.S. border riding on trucks and being paid by someone. This “spontaneous” army of the 3rd world shitholers somehow is being transported and fed by someone at a cost of hundreds of thousands per day to arrive on our border on elections day. I wonder who could be behind this.

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Then today, every left wing politician and news organization in the country receives a bomb in the mail, designed to be caught before it could ever do any damage, even if it was capable of doing damage. Those poor dimocrats. It must be those evil Trump supporting right wingers who sent these faux bombs. The narrative is being constructed as we speak. Vote for Republicans and they will bomb you. I wonder who benefits by this blatant false flag operation.

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On the same day as the bomb narrative we have the stock market falling 608 points. It had hit an all-time high three weeks ago. It is now down over 2,300 points since then. Trump had been crowing about the record and has taken credit for this soaring stock market. Did he inadvertently set himself up as the fall guy? Are his Deep State enemies on Wall Street purposely tanking the market before the mid-terms? What if it goes down another 2,000 or 3,000 points by November 6. Do you think that will swing some voters to the left? I wonder.

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