How Teachers Committed Economic Suicide and Exposed the Failure of the Democratic Party


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Who decides what went into the FAILED Common Core? Not teachers!

Who determined what went into the FAILED No Child Left Behind? Not teachers! It is both ironic and interesting to note that teaching is a profession that honors good, sound research which serves to support our growing knowledge base. Yet, all teaching reforms lack the data to even form a working hypothesis much less implement system wide reforms (e.g. Common Core) which have much more to do with realigning the social agenda of this country as opposed to better educating today’s students.

Who determined that teachers would work for near slave labor wages? Not teachers, sort of!

Teachers Are Their Own Worst Enemy

Why is there a severe teacher shortage? As the remainder of this article will demonstrate, teachers are to somewhat blame for their own economic enslavement.

Over 50% of all teachers leave the profession in the first five years. On this last point, teachers are indeed to blame for their participation in their continuing self-victimization because their teacher unions have hitched their wagons to the wrong horse and the teachers have let their unions get away with blindly supporting a political party that knows only self-imposed economic devastation. This  “wrong horse”, the Democratic Party (i.e. Dummycrats), economically destroys everything in its path with a scorched earth approach to wealth redistribution through reckless tax and spend policies.

Teachers remain poor because they are seemingly ignorant of the growing consensus in this country that the socialism of the Democratic Party does not work and never will! And when there is no money left in the system that would be needed to pay teachers, they quit teaching, work construction jobs, wait tables, sell insurance and make more money.

America, your children are the losers in this process. Despite these facts, The Arizona Education Association, like most teacher unions across the country, just endorsed all “Dummycrats” in their published “election magazine” special that they mailed to all teachers which told the teachers who to vote for in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections.

Teachers Still Teach to the Bitter End

Even mired in their own economic failures, teachers are still teaching! Through their economic failures, teachers are teaching us why nobody in their right mind should vote for anyone with a D behind their name for ANY public office.

The economic failures of teachers are a systemic result of Democratic Party failures in every facet of the economy. With Obama in charge, the Food Stamp program grew to over 50 million participants. Economically, Blacks and Latinos lost ground, during the eight years of Obama’s failed economic policies which were based more on feudalism that sound principles of finance.

For Those That Have Eyes to See

It is interesting o no3 that Trump is now supported by 35% of all Blacks because they now have a growing and collective awareness that these Dummycrat economic policies do not work!  Why haven’t most teachers seen the light? This bad decision does come back to the teachers! Teachers should blame nobody but themselves. Yet, under Trump’s economic reforms, his administration has accomplished the following in less than two years:

  • Blacks have the lowest unemployment rate in history
  • Latinos have the lowest unemployment rate in history
  • Women have the lowest unemployment rate in history
  • Youth unemployment is at a 50 year low
  • Obama never hit 3% GDP growth, Trump is already over 4%!
  • And Arizona teachers, your recent pay raise came from a Republican Governor and State Legislature

But wait a minute, didn’t the Democrats and their minions who run the teacher unions tell us that Trump was a racist and hated women? It is time to come up for air teachers and realize that all of you have a front row seat on the greatest Trojan Horse in educational history, the Democratic Party and the teacher unions that they control!

Teachers could have had their names added to this honor roll of Trump accomplishments. Instead, teachers allowed their unions to choose tax and spend, wealth redistribution and rampant welfare rather than embrace the sound principles of free market capitalism.

The least that teacher unions should do for their teachers is to make sure that every teacher wins a trophy, in true liberal style, as the teachers are kept in the dark about why most of them will never own a home and many will have roomates well into their 40’s.

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