Gold & Silver Ready To Shine As Economic, Market, And Political Fundamentals Worsen


from Silver Doctors:

SD Midweek: The illusion of sound fundamentals is breaking down around the globe and in the US. Here’s what it means for gold & silver…

Let’s step back for a moment and think about the fundamentals weighing on the markets today.

Specifically, let’s look at:

  • US Politics
  • The economy
  • The markets
  • Geo-politics

In the world of American politics, we have an unhinged left getting all worked-up, and laying the case and groundwork, for what will surely be “the most important mid-term elections in the history of all mid-term elections”.

We all recall Hillary inciting violence last week by saying “you cannot be civil”, and likewise Eric Holder saying:

“When they go low, we kick ’em”.

So politically, we see the divide and conquer strategy working overtime.

Economically, we see that just yesterday, President Trump is again blaming the Fed, and again, Trump is again saying inflation is ‘very low’:


Later today, we get Fed Head Brainard speaking shortly after noon, followed by the release of the September FOMC minutes at 2:00 p.m. EST:

Additionally, we have a stock market that was in turmoil, but apparently it has been “fixed” enough for the President to Tweet about it:

Globally, the world is living on a knife’s edge right now, both literally and figuratively, and no pun intended.

Geo-politically, we have a botched political assassination bringing rise to a tense and awkward Saudi Arabian world stage. That’s not the only middle east turmoil either, as tensions are still high between Iran and Israel, and the situation in Syria has only taken a back-burner to the Saudi hackers. Across the pond, we have a nasty BREXIT where a “deal” looks less and less likely, and on the mainland, there is both an ongoing banking and migrant crisis, as well as the whole “populism rising” meme still being very much a thing. Back in the Americas, we have trade wars and trade deals which are far from resolved, and now we have a “migrant caravan 2.0” of thousands of aliens making the trek on foot from Honduras en route to the US.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, why are you bringing up all these random things?”.

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