Why Is The Sharia-Compliant Islamic Regime Of Qatar Pushing Radical SJW Propaganda In The West?


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

AJ+, which is short for Al Jazeera Plus, is a state-run media outlet operated by the hereditary supreme rulers of Qatar which pushes radical social justice politics in the West — despite women effectively being owned as slaves and forced to live under Sharia law in their own nation of Qatar.

The contrast is striking.

AJ+ has over 11,000,000 likes currently on Facebook and nearly 1 million followers on Twitter. AJ+ churns out social justice propaganda like this 24/7:

While AJ+ sells itself as advancing the downtrodden, they also actively churn out pro-regime change propaganda to try and push the US government into war with Syria:

Women in Qatar live under Sharia law and essentially have no rights.

A woman from the Netherlands who said she was drugged and raped in Qatar was punished and deported by a Qatari court in 2016.

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